Reach Out to Horses reaches out to Premarin foals (video)

From feral foals to foals in training, Anna Twinney shares her Reach Out to Horses® methods with students from around the globe as they gentle untouched foals rescued from Canadian slaughterhouses.

As a by-product of the Premarin family of drugs, these weanlings have found sanctuary at Ray of Light Farms.

Embarking on their week’s training, you can witness their progress as they are introduced to saddle blankets (in prep for blanketing), picking up feet and taking their first steps.


Anna Twinney is the founder of Reach Out to Horses®, based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado.

As an internationally respected Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Trainer, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master she travels the world teaching the art of creating a trust-based partnership between Humans, Horses and all Animal Companions.

She has conducted clinics, classes and training sessions in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and throughout the entire United States.

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4 thoughts on “Reach Out to Horses reaches out to Premarin foals (video)”

  1. I have a PMU foal now all grown up into THE most wonderful guy. I understand his dam was with him when they were brought out of Canada (into Oregon, one of the big rescue groups). We are trying to locate the mare. Anyone who passes up a chance to have a draft cross PMU rescue has no idea what they are missing. The draftie personality really does come through – gentle, humorous, trainable, intelligent, and a calmness that I have found results in a lot of thinking-before-acting instead of more flighty, typically light-horse behavior. My draftie cross has more common sense and sensible-ness in one hoof than all my former fancy horses had in their whole lives! If I could adopt a dozen of these wonderful horses I would. They truly are amazing horses.


    1. Sweet! I assumed that PMU horses would make gentle riding horses and easy-keepers due to the draft X stock cross. If I ever wind up being able to own horses of my own in the future, I would most probably look into PMU by-product foals. They look like they have TONS of potential and, if given the time and training they need, could be excellent companion animals. Bless your work!


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