Hayworth and Molly Premarin flyer.

March for Premarin Horses Report

Thank you to everyone participating and making this good news report possible.

March for Premarin Horses has gotten off to a tremendous start.

Last week we were stars on social media. We trended twice on Twitter last week. Great job all you re-tweeters.

We are also getting more shares on Facebook in one week than we have for a whole year. Again, great job.

Thank you. Let’s keep going. We have plenty of March left.

Please continue to like those posts, make comments and share everything. This drives important traffic. Can we trend again this week? You bet we can.

We are a few hundred dollars away from paying for the second of seven billboards we are targeting to put up in March. Can you help?

The billboards will be up for 6 to 12 months, depending on the contracts we can get.

Please make a donation to Premstoppers to reach this target.

To all of you whom have already given, we thank you so very much. We have accomplished this because of you. Every donation dollar counts greatly. It gets women off Premarin and saves the lives of mares and foals cast off and slaughtered.

Premarin horses are used on pee farms outside the US in great numbers, as far away as China.

Jane is working on a report that will give us an idea how many. From what she is discovering, the numbers will shock you. So stay tuned for that.

Women who take the Premarin family of drugs keep this deadly situation going.

Raising awareness has never been more important and what March for Premarin Horses is all about. We will not forget these horses.

Every time you donate to Premstoppers you help finance another critically important billboard.

Oh, and please remember to send the Dear Physician letter to your local women’s health doctors too. We have gotten off to a great start too.

One of our local staffing agencies who had people on standby that didn’t get called out but got paid anyway were “donated” to us for a day. They got 600 letters sent out to 9 States. Hooray!

Thank you everyone. March for Premarin Horses!

Hayworth and Molly Premarin flyer.
Remember this from 2010? That figure is even higher now. March for Premarin Horses everyone. Download it and share it.

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