Kentucky farm owner denies cruelty after 49 horses found dead

Larry Browning. Photo Credit: Glenn Hartong/The Enquirer.
Larry Browning. Photo Credit: Glenn Hartong/The Enquirer.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — In what one investigator called the “worst case of animal cruelty” he’s seen, 49 dead horses and 15 others that appeared emaciated were found on a Pendleton County farm Monday.

Some of the horse skeletons on Larry Browning’s farm were found still wearing halters. Some were so starved their ribs showed through their skin.

There was very little hay for the horses to eat, some of it in pools of water along with horse carcasses, county animal control officials said.

Browning told them he planned to sell all the horses, either to private owners or to slaughterhouses outside of the country, by May.

“In nine years, this is the worst case of animal cruelty I’ve seen,” said Scott Pracht, the county’s equine investigator.

Browning was cited Monday by Kentucky State Police on 49 counts of not disposing of an animal carcass within 48 hours. Browning was also charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty.

The Pendleton County Animal Shelter cannot house horses, so the 15 animals that were rescued were delivered to foster care in Kenton County. About three dozen horses were left on the farm, Pracht said.

At the farm Tuesday, Browning said he has been buying and selling horses for more than 50 years.

Browning, 63, lives on the more than 70-acre farm, much of which is wooded.

According to Animals’ Angels, a Maryland-based advocacy group, there have been problems at Browning’s farm before.

Read full report; view video interview with Browning >>

12 thoughts on “Kentucky farm owner denies cruelty after 49 horses found dead”

  1. this type of human garbage are always in denial, of abuse , what part of if you own horses you must take care of them , and feeding them properly is a part of everyday care ……….I have friends that their horses always get fed before they eat……………… if anyone needs help for their horses, help is always available, JUST ASK !!!!!


  2. Hello. I am a relative of an elderly man named Larry Brown, who resides in an assisted living facility in the Paducka area.

    The photo credit for the first photo is listed as ‘Larry Brown. Photo Credit: Glenn Hartong/The Enquirer’.

    In the text of the article, the suspected person is named as ‘Larry Browning’.

    In other local reports, the correct person is listed as Larry Browning.

    We have not been able directly contact Glenn Hartong, The Enquirier, nor Vivian Grant Farrell. Bing and Yahoo also have the suspectd person listed as Larry Brown and we have attempted to contact them too without any response from them.

    I am upset I cannot fix this for my Great Uncle.

    My family own several of our own horses and we have taken in a few fosters from time to time… We are sickened by this neglect and abuse.


    1. Sorry for the typographical error in the photo caption. It has been corrected. The man in the photograph is the accused, Larry Browning. If you click on the photo, you will be re-directed to the source.


  3. Every time a A-Hole like this jerk is caught starving their animals be it horses, cattle, dogs or anything else I have never heard of any of them getting a prison sentence. The judge always lets them off for one reason or another. Most of the time its in one of these southern states where there seems to be a total lack of laws against animal cruelty. The politicians in these states run it like a crime syndicate only thinking of themselves and nothing else.


  4. It’s not like he doesn’t have the financial ability to care for them, at least from what I know. Is it me or do a lot of these equine neglect cases regard owners that bring in more than enough income to support their animals? I’m downright confused.


  5. He drives a fairlY new pickup, costing many thousands of dollars. He did not care to feed them. I’ve heard zoos want horsemeat but want it lean. NJ has been said to starve the horses before slaughter. Could that be a myth? Why would this gu starve horses he says he is going to ship in May?

    Kentucky animal cruelty law is specific at Ky Rev Stat Ann second 525.130 (2012). “1. A person is guilty of cruelty … In the second degree when. … He intentionally or wantonly: (b) subjects any animal in his custody to cruel neglect.”

    Cruelty defined by Black’s Law Dictionary means: “the infliction of physical pain, suffering or death upon an animal when not for purposes of training or discipline or (in the case of death) to procure food or to release the animal from incurable suffering, but done wantonly … Or with reckless indifference to its pain. ”

    Wanton is defined by Black’s lAw “as being indifferent to consequences if actions that can harm others.”

    SO it is clear to me that this man should have been charged with the deaths of the horses, because of their suffering and his own wanton cruelty by not procuring food for them.


  6. Same old bullshit from the same old type of people. Pass HR1094 and S541 and people like him will disappear and the process of responsible horse ownership can begin.


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