Carriage horse protesters march outside Neeson’s home

Carriage horse protestors picket the actor's home on in New York (WENN)
Carriage horse protestors picket the actor’s home on in New York (WENN)

Cross-posted from the New York Daily News

A herd of animal rights activists demonstrated outside the Upper West Side home of Liam Neeson Saturday, blasting the actor for his outspoken support of the carriage horse industry.

The roughly 60 protesters marched in front of Neeson’s condo carrying signs with pictures of dead horses and the words “worked to death” and “horses + traffic = death.”

Two of the demonstrators even donned full-body equine costumes in the hopes of confronting the actor.

“Liam Neeson has made the shameful choice to be the only celebrity voice on the side of the cruel, outdated horse carriages,” said Ashley Byrne, 36, a spokeswoman for PETA.

“Any New Yorker can see that this industry has been responsible for over a dozen accidents over the past few years alone.”

“It’s not safe and it’s not humane.”

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