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Vickery Eckhoff sacked by Forbes after publication of wild horses, Cliven Bundy article


Once again, it appears that good journalism at Forbes.com has been sacrificed on the altar of corporate power.

Vickery Eckhoff. Google  image.
Vickery Eckhoff. Google image.

Vickery Eckhoff, Forbes writer was fired after publication of Federal Grazing Program in Bundy Dispute Rips-Off Taxpayers, Wild Horses.

The straw that broke Forbes’ back was published Friday on the complexities of wild horse and burro management, and the related high cost to taxpayers of the federal grazing program.

The article follows a long, well researched and factual series by Vickery on Forbes.com that exposed the unregulated horse slaughter industry.

Please send the link to this article to your elected officials in Congress.

Find them here.

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If you would like to contact Forbes, do so at readers@forbes.com.

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Featured image, wild horse stallion — RandyHarrisPhoto.com.
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15 thoughts on “Vickery Eckhoff sacked by Forbes after publication of wild horses, Cliven Bundy article”

    1. The source is a bit old but more/less accurate: “GAO reports on BLM and Service permittees… noting that 5.3 percent of BLM permits (1000 largest permits) control fifty percent of BLM forage, and 12.2 percent of Service permittees (1000 largest permittees) graze sixty-three percent of total allowable AMs…. No fewer than four oil and mining companies, two Forbes billionaires, and one national brewery hold federal grazing permits. Not surprisingly, the wealth and political power of these large public lands ranching interests make achieving real reform very difficult.”

      Vickery – thank you for your excellent, informative and good journalism. You will find your next national platform soon.


  1. I emailed the editor at Forbes and explained what these welfare ranchers have been doing for decades and writers like Ms.Eckhoff writes what she sees and is honest about it. I explained too just how these ranchers like Bundy has been cheating the taxpayers and about them demanding the BLM round up the wild horses. I simply told them the truth about what has been going on. I told them also that i suspect that either someone from the BLM or a politician with connections to the BLM didn’t like the light that was shined on Bundy and people like him. Politicians like Harry Reid are so crooked they are like a one man crime syndicate operating in our government. Everyone needs to email the editor at Forbes at readers@forbes.com


  2. Thank you Vickery for writing the TRUTH,,,& backed-up by facts. As you know another well-respected journalist got it too from Forbes after writing supporting “Blackfish,” & against SeaWorld. He had all the *facts too.
    It appears Forbes just may be held hostage, ruled by manipulative owners, Board of Trustees…that sort of thing.
    As for the SeaWorld article, Big Time Blackstone Group has a big dipping hand in SeaWorld’s profits.
    So no rocking the boat to save Orcas…or taxpayer money on welfare ranchers or exposing the corrupt BLM or Looney Tunes Bundy ~ ~ However, he would do well living in a cabin, raising a couple of chickens & hoeing a small garden ~ with picking cotton on the side to enhance his income ~


  3. wow, you know i still consider truth a mighty fine quality to have even in these days . it just doesn’t make sense those people in places of public inspiration . what happened to role models now days . forbe’s should be a shamed of their actions . i’ll never look at another magazine by them . because i’ll know now they are lying to us, too . no truth to any of the articiles they write ,so solong forbe’s ……


  4. When you go against ‘Big Gov.” you pay dearly. There is very little truth left in our government. Thank you Vickery for having the courage to tell the truth. We all have your back!!


  5. So what happened to “truth”?? Who bought it off?? Now we KNOW that Vickery’s article was the real deal–and she paid for it. I want to shake her hand.


    1. Corporations rule in more way than one. You cannot have a true democracy without a free press. Will be interesting to know what Forbes says about this. I hope everyone will demand to know the reason why. I want to know how they are going to spin this, unless they shock us and don’t.


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