Roy Exum: Horse Alliance Offers Hope

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ROY EXUM. Source image.
ROY EXUM. Source image.

When a large group of carefully-selected owners and trainers revealed the newly-formed All-American Walking Horse Alliance on Monday, it sent a shock wave that was accompanied with a dire warning through the embattled Walking Horse industry based in Tennessee. It marked the first time in history that horsemen from 45 states have stood collectively united against the Shelbyville empire that has sullied the magnificent breed in recent years.

The alliance’s primary purpose is to stand in support of the proposed PAST Act, a much-needed amendment to the federal Horse Protection Act of 1970. The group has planned a “Walk On Washington” on June 18 to illustrate to the nation’s lawmakers they should pass reform laws targeted at those who abuse and torture animals in order to achieve the now-scurrilous “Big Lick” gait.

But the underlying message is even greater. Walking Horse owners and trainers have now had quite enough of bullying leadership of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors and its ongoing fights with such organizations as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Humane Society of the United States. The Big Lick is a small fraction of the industry – about 5 percent – but the Lickers completely dominate the breed’s governing body.

Paula Weaver, a sound-horse advocate in Michigan, told the Oakland Press this weekend, “Membership in the TWHBEA has plummeted from approximately 20,000 just a few years ago to less than 7,000 today. Many states, including Michigan, have discontinued classes (at shows) for Big Lick horses … Starting in 2009 the Kentucky Horse Park has not allowed Big Lick horses to exhibit in the World Equestrian Games. There are still scattered Big Lick shows in scattered pockets, especially in the South, but even those venues are dwindling.”

The PAST Act, if approved, would outlaw the huge pads on Walkers’ front hooves, the pressure shoes and tight chains and other action devices as well, but the Big Lick has fought hard against reform. Steven B. Smith, the president of the TWHBEA, happens to be Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander’s state campaign chairman and Alexander, up for re-election, has offered a watered-down version of the PAST Act that has infuriated sound horsemen across the nation. Alexander’s bill would keep the pads, where veterinarians claim Big Lickers can hide pain-producing devices.

Horse shows featuring Big Lick horses are now plagued by poor attendance – the National Celebration has hemorrhaged money for the past five years – and public disdain continues to mount. Larry Wheelon, who once chaired the Trainer’s Ethics Committee, is expected to go on trial later this week in Maryville, where he and four others face felony charges for horse abuse that could result in prison terms if the men are found guilty. Read full report »

4 thoughts on “Roy Exum: Horse Alliance Offers Hope”

  1. Politicians like Senator Lamar Alexander needs to be tossed out of office at the first opportunity, people like this man in our government is the reason that not one bill stopping horse slaughter has ever made it out of committee. Can anyone imagine how many crippled up Tennessee walking horses have been sent to slaughter in the past 20 or more years? The instant they couldn’t perform again they were gone. I hope the Big Lick disappears never to be seen again in this country along with long prison sentences for anyone caught torturing a horse in this way.


    1. Thanks for that post Barbara, and thanks to those Horsemen/women who have united to get the anti-soring legislation passed. Then let’s hope that we can get rid of some of the scum in Congress. and work with this same group to get the SAFE ACTS OUT OF COMMITTEE.
      BTW; if horse lovers out there can help Mary Landrieu in La, keep her senate job, please do. She is the author and sponsor of the SENATE SAFE ACT which will ban the slaughter of American horses and the transport of American horses to slaughter.


  2. This is a great step forward. If a coalition of organizations from 45 states can stand strong in the America Walking Horse Alliance then maybe the “inner cabal” that still promotes the Big Lick can be suppressed. The breed is taking the blame for the abusers and that is a crying shame.


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