Standlee’s “You Can Be The Difference!” Forage Drive



Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in The Standlee® “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program!

We have just passed the half-way mark to Standlee’s goal of donating 15,000 pounds of high-quality Premium Western Forage® to horses in need!

If you have not yet participated, there is still time to do it. This forage drive runs through the end of May so we still have 12 days to get about 800 people to participate–please help us reach this goal!

I’m including the details of the forage drive again for your reference, below:

Here’s how it works:

Standlee Premium Western Forage® will donate up to 9 pounds of forage per participant based on the following:

1. Each new subscriber to Standlee’s Newsletter (3 lbs donated);

2. Each Facebook “Like” of the Standlee® “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program page at (3 lbs donated); and

3. Sharing, via Facebook, the “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program page at (3 lbs donated).

The above options are CUMULATIVE, so for each person who does all three of the above, Standlee will donate 9 pounds of Premium Western Forage to horses who need it!

Also, you can complete all three of these options from the same webpage, so it is super easy to do!

Here’s how you can help:

Share this information on your blog! More participation means more food for needy horses.

To maximize the donation to the ASPCA Equine Fund we need at least 1,667 people to participate and complete all 3 of the above steps during the month of May.

If you would like to participate, please keep in mind that this charity program ends on May 31, 2014.

To help circulate this information quickly and easily, please feel free to cut and paste the above information to your blog and/or in your emails. We do not expect you to write a unique post in order for you to share this important and time-sensitive information with other horse lovers!



6 thoughts on “Standlee’s “You Can Be The Difference!” Forage Drive”

  1. I had the worst customer service experience with Standlee. Is there another way to donate? I refuse to have anything to do with Standlee the most rude employees!


    1. Sorry to hear about that Lorrie. Never a nice experience to encounter rude folks anywhere. I will contact the woman who sent us the details on this and get back to you. It is an ASPCA program, but I didn’t see a way to direct funds to this on their website. Thanks!


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