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Las Vegas middle-schooler files wild horse initiative

Cross-posted from the Elko Daily News

LAS VEGAS — Robin Warren is a middle school student from Las Vegas who is better known as “Wild Mustang Robin” because of her work in advocacy for wild horses.

Warren first started collecting signatures to save horses and burros in July of 2010. Three years later she had collected nearly a quarter million signatures from supporters all over the world on Change.org.

On June 13, the student filed her first petition that will be officially recognized: “The Wild Horse and Burro Initiative.” If she is able to collect more than 100,000 signatures then Warren’s initiative petition will appear on the 2016 Nevada ballot.

The official description of effect of the petition is as follows:

Wild horses and burros are of cultural significance to the state of Nevada. Special designation needs to be created to protect wild horses and burros — the progeny of horses and burros brought to America by Spanish explorers and also horses and burros who served during the mining boom of 1800s — that fossil evidence has proven originated here in North America during prehistoric times.

Nevada has the largest population of wild horses and burros. Wild horses and burros travel across boundary lines because herd management areas have been reduced and are intermingled with herd areas, state, and private land.

The laws now designate wild horses and burros as “feral” or “formerly domesticated with no signs of domestication.” The changes proposed by this initiative — including designating horses and burros determined to be “feral” as also “wild” will protect horses and burros from danger of slaughter and ensure care standards for wild and free roaming horses and burros being held in Nevada. The proposed changes do not affect “estrays” defined as “formerly domesticated horses found with signs of domestication.”

Warren said, “If people knew that the wild horses are treated differently depending on where they are found they would be outraged. Wild horses should never go to slaughter, they are supposed to be protected.”

The student will be collecting signatures the same way she has in years past — in front of libraries and the books that inspired her to become a teenage petitioner.

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4 thoughts on “Las Vegas middle-schooler files wild horse initiative”

  1. All of the classifications of wild, domestic and feral are created by humans. We have a responsibility to populations that we have impacted. There is a long term battle of states rights versus federal management. The greatest protection for these horses is a federal mandate with local groups to keep the BLM in check.


  2. Soooo, we see so many petitions, etc. This article says the young girl has drafted an initiative. For what, to add statute, to amed the Constituon of Nevada? We waste a lot of time on dead end, feel good campaigns, which is fine, but this article says if she can get 100K signatures, it will go to the ballot. So is this one of those declarations like the wild horse and burro is a state animal – need more detail. We do neeed to focus our energy.


    1. Nothing anyone — the young, the old, the humble or bold — has had any impact on this issue.

      Wild horse herds are being wiped out and held hostage in the cruelest ways. They are the lucky ones if you can call it lucky. But the ones who get robbed of their freedom then sent to a plant to be killed for their meat would probably envy their position.

      We have come to the conclusion that the American public doesn’t give a damn. And yes, they know about it. More knowing will not help. More doing is what will help.

      Getting them listed as an endangered species seems like the most obvious movement to support. How sad their numbers have dwindled to the point where this is now an avenue available.

      It is tragic. And Americans should be highly embarrassed. Have another burger to go with your red faces.


  3. I applaud this girl’s efforts in helping to save the wild horses. If a petition was put on Facebook I would sign and I know a great many other people would as well.


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