Soring bill advocates blame Blackburn, McConnell for lack of action

Reported by Paul C. Barton

Tennessee Walking Horses with Stacks and Chains
WASHINGTON – The man who led passage of the first law regulating horse soring 44 years ago blamed Kentucky and Tennessee lawmakers on Wednesday for blocking a new bill to shore up that act.

Former Sen. Joseph Tydings, D-Md., the lead sponsor of the 1970 Horse Protection Act, said “one very powerful senator from Kentucky” was blocking the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act from coming to a vote in the Senate.

Tydings made his remark, a clear reference to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., while addressing a rally of about 75 walking horse enthusiasts and animal rights activists in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

McConnell is co-sponsoring alternative legislation introduced by Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander. But groups such as the Humane Society of the United States criticize Alexander’s bill for allowing the industry to continue to regulate itself.

Dan Cramer of Clarksville, a Democrat running for Blackburn’s 7th Congressional District seat, attended the rally and also blamed her.

“She’s been telling her fellow lawmakers that the PAST Act will never leave committee,” Cramer said.

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Horse soring is doing more than expose Tennessee Walking Horses to torture and blistering cruelty — it is crippling the industry.

We hope the blinkered Ms Blackburn is blamed for that when the Big Lick and its related gaited horse shows finally founders and dies and the State of Tennessee suffers more damage to its reputation and a major loss of revenues.

Insofar as McConnell, he is no friend to horses. He has insinuated himself into this issue as well as other horse welfare issues including allegedly putting secret holds on a number of bills banning slaughter during his time in office over the years.

As we see it McConnell has done nothing of merit for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its equine industry.

Why does McConnell do it? “Must be the money“.

Both Kentucky Senators, Paul and McConnell, oppose the PAST Act.


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4 thoughts on “Soring bill advocates blame Blackburn, McConnell for lack of action”

  1. Marsha Blackburn & McConnel are PURE EVIL. To think anyone would vote for them is appalling. They both worked feverishly to keep those horses tortured and the did it for money. If you are an animal lover of any kind and you vote 4 Marsha Blackburn for Senate YOU ARE NOT AN ANIMAL LOVER. If she does this to horses just think of how far she will go if she is a Senator. She will let Puppy Mills thrive, dog fighting thrive, farm animal protection will be nonexistent. SHE IS PURE EVIL & LOVES MONEY and apparently makeup!


  2. The money is all that these politicians are really interested in. That crook Mitch McConnell almost lost his seat in the senate a few weeks ago but he won his election. There was a lot of folks in his state of Kentucky that wanted him kicked out but the money won out like it always does.


    1. I wonder how many millions McConnell spent campaigning. I was shocked to see his ad during the first half of the Super Bowl which according to most internet reports cost him at least $4 million. And you could hardly turn on the TV that he wasn’t there.

      If the NFL put a cap on what franchise owners can spend on players why can’t they cap these politicians on what they can spend and make it a level playing field. Politics are more important than football right? Well, not to everyone but you get my drift.

      We’ll see if Alison Lundergan Grimes can unseat McConnell in November. This is interesting:


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