Two horses die at Royal Ascot; ignored by on camera media

Horse and jockey close up Royal Ascot.
Horse and jockey close up Royal Ascot.


Amid the pomp and hype of the Royal Ascot race meeting, two horses lost their lives yesterday (17 June 2014).

The second race of the day saw two-year-old Case Statement break down badly half way through the six-furlong (3/4 mile) Coventry Stakes. He was taken off the course in a horse-box and destroyed by vets in the racecourse stables away from the crowds.

In the penultimate race of the day, the Ascot Stakes, five-year-old grey gelding Sir Graham Wade broke down injured on the course – he too was destroyed.

Both horses’ injuries received little mention during the Channel 4 TV coverage, which was characterised by a smiling, celebratory commentary team, whose back-patting of the winning connections overrode any sign of sympathy for the poor horses.

Shamefully, in the re-run of the Coventry Stakes, the race analysis commentary team never gave the young Case Statement a mention despite the obvious sight of an injured horse pulling up badly lame with a self-evident fatal injury.

It would appear that nothing was to be allowed to spoil the celebrations of the flat racing premier meeting attended by the Queen and a crowd of race-goers wanting to show their status and themselves off to each other.


Two horses die at Royal Ascot after suffering serious injuries during races, The Daily Mail, 18th June 2014

Yes, the Royal Family including HM The Queen were in attendance. But don’t except her or any of her family to care one iota about these horses, or any other animal.

This is a family who kills animals for entertainment. Princess Anne regularly speaks out in support of horse slaughter. She thinks Britain needs more of it.

Insofar as the on camera media, they routinely ignore and even hide breakdowns and deaths at races. This is nothing new. But there were millions tuned in so they made an extra effort in trying to jolly everyone past it all.

According to available sources, a total of 76 racehorses have died so far this year in Britain.

5 thoughts on “Two horses die at Royal Ascot; ignored by on camera media”

    1. Here’s a short list of prohibited drugs given to horses in the US that prohibits their meat from entering the human food chain. It has a link to the rest of a very long list.

      France is ready for a change. As of 2013, the French consume less than 300 grams (0.66 lbs) of horse meat per person per year, a fifth of what they ate 30 years ago and less than 1 percent of the total meat they consume. Stats not yet in other European horse meat eating countries but we are told the trend is the same. So with the large amount of horse meat exports who is eating all of that horse meat. Unwitting consumers who are told they are eating beef or lamb when it is part horse meat. And yes, it is supposedly still going on.


  1. It’s time for Bonnie Prince Charlie to be proactive on Animal Rights as well as the environment!!!!!!!
    Perhaps there is too much focus on the eventual king, Prince George, and not the “Sport of Kings”.


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