Charleston horse drawn carriage accident prompts renewed call for a ban

Reported by The Charleston Post and Courier

Horse drawn carriage Charleston, SC viewed through wrought iron gate.

The most recent case of a carriage horse bolting on peninsular Charleston, this time ramming into a woman’s home, renewed some residents’ cries to ban the animals from toiling on the city’s congested streets.

Thursday’s carriage wreck at 150 Tradd St. resulted in minor injuries to the horse, driver and a passenger, interrupting a Charleston Carriage Works tour that had just rounded off of the Battery when the ride took a turn for the worse.

The home’s owner, Jessica Buchanan, said she heard what sounded like galloping shortly before the horse and carriage crashed into her home, shaking the entire house.

She ran outside to find two of five passengers on the ground.

The incident came a day before the company’s owner, Broderick Christoff, appeared in court, officials said, accused of violating a city ordinance requiring all harnesses and bridles to be properly fitted and in good condition to prevent any harm to the animals.

The citation was issued following a wreck April 22 involving one of his carriage horses crashing into a building on the City Market and overturning. Three passengers received minor injuries, Charleston police reported.

Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said Thursday’s wreck was still under investigation. No additional citations had been issued against the company Friday afternoon, he said.

Carol Herard, one of about 40 people in the newly formed group known as Citizens for a Carriage Free Charleston, said it’s only a matter of time before a horse or a human is killed.

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Image of horse drawn carriage from Joe’s Retirement Blog.

4 thoughts on “Charleston horse drawn carriage accident prompts renewed call for a ban”

  1. I hope something is done about these poor horses hauling these carriages in Charleston. We visited Charleston last year and were appalled at the poor horses hauling carriages of many people all day in 90 degree heat. We were downtown all day, so I watched the same horses and carriages there all day. When will this world stop abusing innocent animals for human entertainment and pleasure?


  2. Banning horses and carriages on congested city streets is past due. Thank goodness there was no major accident to humans or the horse.


    1. Couldn’t agree more. Of course horse welfare is our only concern.

      There are so many agendas connected to the carriage horse issue that horse welfare is not really a part of. But they used it as if it is.

      Do we have to wait until someone is killed? Or crippled? By someone I mean people of course.

      Thanks Chris for your comment.


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