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Utah counties want Congress to let States manage wild horses

More dangerous ideas concerning wild horses. Will these people never stop coming up with ideas on how to destroy them?

Cross-posted from The Salt Lake City Tribune

Iron and Beaver counties will not round up wild horses on their own, as they threatened earlier this spring, but instead are pressing for a dramatic change in how the horses are managed.

They want the states, not the federal Bureau of Land Management, to decide how many horses can be on the range and what to do when there’s an overpopulation.

A resolution to that effect, written by Beaver County Commissioner Mark Whitney, won the support of the Utah Association of Counties. He and a commissioner from Garfield County will next propose it to the National Association of Counties. That group meets late next week in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, is preparing legislation that would give states and Indian tribes the option to manage wild horses, much as they do other wildlife.

“This really is a political problem,” said Iron County Commission Chairman David Miller. “We need Congress to get off their butts.”

“We know that we’ve got to use a political platform to go forward on this,” said Whitney, who previously had given the BLM a “drop-dead” date of July 1 to remove excess wild horses.

“The last thing we want to do is anything that would create tension or an uprising or vigilantes,” Whitney said Tuesday.

The BLM agrees there are more wild horses on the range than the agency wants, but it had planned no roundups this year because there is no room in its long-term pastures. Nearly 50,000 horses already are stockpiled there. Continue reading »

8 thoughts on “Utah counties want Congress to let States manage wild horses”

    1. what about a program if people have someone break them and can prove they will provide a good home for them one at a time let people adopt yhem


  1. Cattle (for profit) are the entire problem. The BLM responds to the greed of the ranchers and at the expense of our national treasures.


    1. just heard on the news price of beef is going up. so what good is it to have millions of cattle out there on the horses range any way. just more greed . now what we really need to do is get rid of the congressman from ok. to get the safe act out on the floor .then go back and start with the e-mails and calls to our rep.s again because he’s the one hold it all up . the cattle need to be gone since they are the ones doing the damage . fro the pic.s i seen 4 horses, next pic.s 6 horses , so if that is over-population …… i have grown horns . idiots .


  2. The ongoing battle of states rights vs. federal protection emerges every time the economy struggles. I realize that people want to manage their states, but public lands belong to all citizens. If we remove federal protection, the horses will be eradicated and attempts will be made to sell off existing lands to generate funds for state use. Public lands are protected for all of us and it should remain that way.


    1. that is exactly what this adminstration is doing only they are pitting groups against one another .this obozo group wants to sell off our public lands to the highest bidders .plain and simple


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