Jane Velez Mitchell: Government plans to round up 800 wild horses

via CNN Headline News (HLN TV)

Cloud, by Ginger Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation.
Cloud, by Ginger Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation.

The Cloud Foundation and other animal rights groups have filed a lawsuit to block the Bureau of Land Management’s planned roundup of over 800 horses at the end of the month. The BLM wants to move these horses out of Wyoming’s so-called checkerboard, located in the southern part of the state.

However, much of the more than one million acres in question is public land.

These round ups are incredibly traumatic. Helicopters chase down these terrified horses, corralling them into pens.

Critics say the BLM is placing ranching special interests over their duty to protect our wild horses-and they’re using our tax dollars. It costs the government more than $46 million annually to care for the over 50,000 wild horses currently in government holding pens.

Jane Velez Mitchell, HLN.
Jane Velez Mitchell, HLN.

We called the Interior Department for comment, but they directed us to the Bureau of Land Management, and the BLM told us they don’t comment on ongoing litigation.

If you want to stop this planned roundup, go to The Cloud Foundation or contact the Interior Department.

Jane speaks to the Cloud Foundation’s Ginger Kathrens about why she thinks rounding up America’s wild horses is dangerous.

Watch the interview: http://www.hlntv.com/video/2014/08/06/government-plans-round-800-horses

4 thoughts on “Jane Velez Mitchell: Government plans to round up 800 wild horses”

  1. I’m truly disgusted by both Jewell and everyone in the BLM that are acting like robots to a few cattlemen. I really hope that this latest attack on the 800 horses will be stopped.


  2. mr.harry reid needs to call off the dogs .i’ll bet you anything that he is behind most of their actions and just like before with the bundy thing his finger print is all over this. he is the one who appointed the new head of the interior dept. in the thick of all that action . and call me crazy or whatever but why did they wait 20 yr.s to take any forcible action against this guy and why the force ? all i know is this has got someone higher up the food chains name all over it . because the b.l.m. hasn’t got 1 head between 10 of ’em or they would have thought of this manuver earlier in this fight. i’m just sayin…….


  3. The NAS report clearly announced there is no evidence to support BLM claims of “overpopulation”. The ratio of wild horses to ratio is dangerously low.

    BLM accommodates welfare ranchers, refuses to apply real science to range management and accurate census, range improvements to create self-sustaining habitats and real balance for eco-system, BUT applies bogus science to deceive the public and serve their rigid corrupt agendas.

    They demonize mustangs but allocate forage to destructive cattle, while at the same time refuse to reduce cattle leases.

    The public is mocked with negative tactics and non-transparent misleading schemes, on actual numbers in the wild to wipe out our last herds.

    BLM ignores REAL solutions and crafts propaganda while brutally continuing to obliterate our herds. Covert slaughter deals are discussed and happening – while us tax payers are duped and the horses betrayed.

    Americans must wake up and take a stand now – before it’s too late.


  4. It’s a quest for eradication, period. The public is duped constantly. An agency, aligned with profit driven agendas, using any and all twists in hopes to alleviate national outrage on their current highly flawed methods. Horses are not treated with the respect and care that would reflect the ironic non-existent “reform and transparency” of those who shout it coming. The American public needs to continue to demand reform, as the silence of new Secretary Jewell deems instructive of the shepherding that exists deep within, while BLM wants the public to believe they care. I am awaiting more action for horses in holding as the current facilities reflect the dire minimalist attitude dooming over any aspect of the program that is not in the interest of the very animals involved. Americans must continue to call in a chorus for reform, to see betterment against the sinister establishment inflicting this irreparable destruction while alternatives such as Reserve Design and proposals for self-stabilizing, sustainable solutions in the wild are on the table.


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