Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall teams up with Pfizer to promote Duavee


The Inquistr reports:

What does Kim Cattrall have against women and horses?  Cattrall recently teamed up with Pfizer to promote Duavee, from the Premarin family of drugs, made from the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares. (Google image).
What does Kim Cattrall have against women and horses? Cattrall recently teamed up with Pfizer to promote Duavee from the Premarin family of drugs, made from the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares. (Google image).

The 58-year-old Kim Cattrall has teamed up with Pfizer to encourage menopausal women to stay in tune with their bodies and embrace the changes they undergo during menopause. The campaign, called Tune In To Menopause, features stories of Kim Cattrall’s own journey through menopause.

Well, that is part of the story, but not the whole story. Cattrall has put her name to a Duavee sponsored campaign.

A visit to the Tune In To Menopause website shows a picture of Cattrall with the legend “Kim Cattrall is NOT a DUAVEE Patient”.

Well, good for her she is not taking Duavee herself (why not?). But not good for the who knows how many women she will influence and encourage to take Duavee. And how tragic for the countless pregnant mares abused to make this drug and their byproduct foals who end up slaughtered.

It makes you wonder how a woman like this that you might suppose to be intelligent did no research on Duavee, the latest addition to the Premarin family of drugs.

We have of course covered drugs made with pregnant mare’s urine relentlessly for years, i.e. Premarin, Prempro, Premhase and now Duavee.

You will remember that Duavee was originally submitted to the FDA for approval under the name Aprela. The name was switched to Duavee in the final stages and at long last approved by the FDA during the last federal government shutdown after years of failure.

If you are new to this issue, learn more about the Premarin family of drugs including Duavee at our Premstoppers home page which links to a plethora of information.

Jane Allin, a frequent writer on the subject, sums it up this way:

Nothing has been, or ever will be, appealing or beneficial about the PMU industry and the Premarin family of drugs; they are clearly harbingers of death from both sides of the equation“.

If you wish to voice your objections to Cattrall’s promotion of this dangerous drug potentially lethal to women and horses, you may do so via social media:

• Kim Cattrall on Facebook (
• Contact Cattrall on Twitter (@KimCattrall).

Please be respectful.

Say no to Pfizer’s DUAVEE® and yes to safer alternatives
Tell doctors not to prescribe Premarin’s new sister drug Duavee

Premstoppers Home Page

• List of Alternatives

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18 thoughts on “Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall teams up with Pfizer to promote Duavee”

  1. Contact link for email is incorrect. Here’s the response I received.
    We don’t represent Kim Cattrall. Who told you that we did?


  2. Reblogged this on Pass the SAFE Act! and commented:
    We need to educate her on this bad decision to support Duavee when there are so many other natural ways that do not include holding a mare pregnant and hostage for her entire life just to harvest her urine.


    1. It’s unbelievable to me that something like this (Premarin) was even dreamed up. What a stable of horrors humans have created! There is terrible karma involved in this enterprise. Kim C. would be wise to rectify this situation. She could do something great by using her celebrity to reveal the extent of this crime.

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  3. I went thru menopause and it wasn’t easy but it is a TEMPORARY condition. There are were great lessons to learn from it by staying open Seemed like every natural remedy was worthless by being too complicated or not worth the expense (creams, herbs, etc). I can’t imagine the horror of women who discover what Premarin is really about. Hope I don’t seem like a hopeless tree-hugger, but Nature really does know best.


    1. There is a great product called Hotflash and it’s sold in the health food markets. It also contains Black Cohosh and other roots/herbs. It controls hot flash and anxiety…


  4. After surgery I was prescribed Premarin by my Doctor. This medicine causes cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and a host of other dangers. Remedies are available that do not cause slaughter of foals, extreme and most egregious suffering to mares.

    I did my research I went off Premarin when I found out the truth of the product…..women don’t need evil medication to deal with a natural condition of life. I urge menopausal women to do herbal remedies, to keep fans on at night to give comfort from hot flashes or a cool washcloth at the nightstand for the same purpose. You don’t need toxic substances to gain relief episodes of heat and flushes.


  5. —–Original Message—–
    From: Tcourt5096 To: robert.garlock
    Sent: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 8:45 am
    Subject: Cattrall’s Policy
    To whom it may concern:

    Dear Robert,
    The promotion of a product reflects the personal stance to its “creation” or production by those who do so. Kim Cattrall is a beautiful woman who with her latest support for Pfizer Duavee has shocked many people who cannot fathom her stance as the cruelty and misery involving horses and foals to produce this “drug” is unfathomable.

    Does Kim know about this ? Does Kim realize that her “good” intent to promote a drug “helping” women is reflecting pure ignorance to the horrific circumstances the drug is produced upon ? Has Kim seen the horses and foals that are used here ?
    Has she ? If she did, I would believe she would not promote it. The glitzy benefits of a drug having been manufactured for years by cruelly exploiting helpless mares and their foals, discarding them like used paper towels is a poor character trait by a woman who reaches the public with her appeal as a celebrated actress.

    Please understand, Kim Cattrall could use her status to do exactly the opposite: to help the public grasp the covert cruelty and tragic abuse that is behind the PMU industry. I would really hope she reconsiders her stance and digs deeper into this. Most Americans do not know the horrid truth – it appears Kim does not either. Please refer her to the following link which holds a myriad of information:

    Monika Courtney, Colorado


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