Trio of Rescued Premarin Foals. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell

Put your thinking cap on and help us help PMU horses

Combating horse cruelty is a full-time job.

However, there is an issue that has a challenge not often faced.

This issue is the mares used and byproducts foals cast off to make the Premarin family of drugs, which now includes Duavee in North America and Duavive in Europe. The challenge is — we can no longer see them.

We can’t see the mares and what happens to them. We can’t see the byproduct foals and what happens to them. But we do know from Premarin’s decades long history in the US and Canada, where the “pee farms” were originally located, how these horses are treated.[1]

Premarin tables. If you look closely you can see a legend in Chinese. Click to enlarge. Google image.
Premarin tables. If you look closely you can see a legend in Chinese. Click to enlarge. Google image.

They are no longer in the US; yes there are some remaining in Manitoba, Canada. However, based on continuing huge sales figures, there are countless thousands of mares located on PMU (pregnant mare’s urine) farms elsewhere operating for example in farflung countries like China.[2]

We don’t know for certain how many horses are being used and how many foals are produced to make these diabolical menopausal horse pee drugs.

Jane Allin crunched the numbers and gave us a reliable insight into that (anything else you hear are inflated numbers with no basis in fact).[3]

The long history of drugs produced with conjugated equine estrogens — taken from the bladders of pregnant mares standing in “pee lines” are dangerous to the patients who take them as well as the horses.

There is however something we can do wherever these horses are. That is raise as much awareness as possible.


We must alert the doctors.

It is amazing the number of doctors who claim they had no idea these drugs are made with pregnant mare’s urine. This has no doubt been easier to conceal from the medical profession since the pharmaceutical industry took the word “equine” out of “conjugated estrogens” in labeling and product descriptions.

We must alert the people who take them.

We have some great tools available that didn’t exist when we began this battle years ago.

Those great tools we refer to are the heightened use and availability of an array of far-reaching social media outlets. If citizens can stage a successful revolution in other countries via Facebook and Twitter then surely we can raise great awareness on behalf of PMU horses and their foals.


Therefore we are asking you to help us get the word out.

"Premarin Vaginal Cream could result in more comfortable sex, uterine cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, dementia, blood clots or breast cancer."
“Premarin Vaginal Cream could result in more comfortable sex, uterine cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, dementia, blood clots or breast cancer.” Click to be taken to source article.

Tell us when you see ads for Premarin (particularly Premarin cream which is so prevalent at the moment), Duavee and Duavive products on television or in magazines or promoted by someone well known, or have their names linked to these drugs.

Let us know the date you see them, where you see them, and the product. In the case of television tell us what program you were watching.

We can use this information and select the right social media outlets to expose how these drugs are made and the consequences.

One of our clever volunteers takes her kids to the local Library once a week. She goes to the magazine section and looks through women’s magazines and makes a note of everything she sees and sends it to us with the magazine’s name, the issue date and the page number.

One of our advocates was in a doctor’s office with the usual long wait. She made the most of her time going through every single magazine she could using her phone to take pictures of the front of the magazine and the page the ad was on and sent them to us.

So put your thinking cap on! Do what you can. And share your ideas with us. It will inspire and motivate, and help these dear horses who have no one else to help them but us.

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18 thoughts on “Put your thinking cap on and help us help PMU horses”

  1. Premarin Cream
    Advertised on A&E
    Show: Criminal Minds
    1:00 PM – 2:00PM Slot
    Episode 163


  2. Good idea but do you want me to email you the list of programs where Premarin is advertised? I already have one ²Who wants to win a million² broadcast tonight (Jan. 26Th)


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mary. Please email us what you have at info@horsefund. Then we will have a record of it and can share among our staff so it gets done by someone. I will let them know about the one in your comments. Thank you! Good job.


  3. I have rescued four pmu. I have the most wonderful pmu baby that is my heart and soul. The most beautiful draft. I sold another draft cross pmu baby that is a successful driving/cde horse. I just lost my wonderful pmu mare in 2013 and another that went to another forever home. When I mention pmu people still have no clue where they come from. Woman do not know they are taking horse pee and they do not know they are killing babies. Now that the pmu producers are now in China, Russia Poland and places like that I can only imagine the horrible conditions and what happens to the babies. People need to be educated.


    1. I really think the world is ripe and ready for comprehensive documentary about this industry. “The Cove” was a great expose about the secret world of dolphin harvesting. Unbelievable stuff, it takes guts to make a movie like that. But it’s the only way people will believe! By the time this reaches TV it gets watered down. Maybe “60 Minutes” would take it on.
      Pharmaceutical lobby is verrry powerful and influential. They do not want people to know anything, so they cover up the facts with glamorous promotion.


  4. The only chance the horses will have especially in China would be if all of the women all over the planet refused to take these horse pee pills. There have been organizations trying for years to stop the horrendous cruelty of the fur industry in that country. They skin the animals alive and toss the dying body on a pile of bodies and so far it can’t be stopped one of the reasons is the communists government it would have to be started by animal rights organizations there. There have been trucks loaded with dogs headed to markets to be sold for meat that have been stopped by crowds of people and the dogs taken off the trucks and taken to a rescue and saved. But from what I have read the Chinese women are using the pee pills so there is a local market for the stuff just like there was here in the US since the 1930’s. China is changing but the government still has most of the control of the population. but there are people standing up for their rights more and more. Any woman that would take these pee pills and not look up the deadly side effects or even read the warnings on the label are to trusting of their doctors to do the right thing for them. It might be time to use your brain and check into it yourself.


  5. I “adopted” a PMU filly 11 years ago & she’s an awesome horse. My GYN has a horse background & didn’t know about the PMU industry & every year she pushes the drug for me. I refuse to use it.


  6. A person can always sponsor a Premarin foal in a horse rescue sanctuary. Imagine the uproar of having a video camera enter these Premarin “factories”. There could be nothing more powerful than a visual image of this—a moving picture, not just a shocking photograph.
    How can a doctor not know what’s in Premarin?. That is too stupid to believe.


    1. We worked with NBC Dateline many moons ago who were with us until they came under pressure from Wyeth (well before they were taken over by Pfizer). Wyeth suddenly they agreed to pay transport of horses out of pee farms that were closing. Many people reportedly said they never received payment. We were never able to confirm that one way or the other, so hearsay, which we hate. But it did come from reputable rescues.

      Anyway this was after the Women’s Health Initiative study and women stopped taking it in droves. Of course it never “dried up”. It is still a booming business making millions and millions over the years. At the time Premarin was reportedly the most prescribed drug in the US.


  7. Years ago Prempro was prescribed for me. I did not understand the source of the estrogen until I had been on the drug for almost a year. A few years later, I contracted breast cancer, and have had a double mastectomy. Knowing what I now know,I have to wonder if these events were linked. Perhaps a source of additional support for the mares could be found among cancer survivors who are thinking about that possible link. Have you contacted the breast cancer organizations?


  8. I would put the word out to young or experienced film-makers to create a documentary about this. I watched “Blackfish” about the exploitation of orca whales in theme parks and it had a HUGE impact. It was an incredible eye-opener. If this was to occur I would even donate to this project.


    1. Andi this is a great idea and we are recruiting people to help right now. We aren’t doing a documentary but an ad, or perhaps even a series of ads. Depends on funding (as always). Thank you!


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