Montana: A field of dead horses angers neighbors

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Remains of dead horses, some decapitated, found in Lodge Grass, Montana. Billings Gazette image.
Remains of dead horses, some decapitated, found in Lodge Grass, Montana. Billings Gazette image.

LODGE GRASS — The discovery of up to two dozen horses shot dead and dumped in a field has angered people in this reservation town.

Residents looking for their missing horses several days ago discovered the dead animals in piles in a hay field roughly a mile west of Lodge Grass.

“That was (my) son’s best friend that got killed,” said BethYana Pease-Takes Horse. “He’s the one who found him. He’s had that horse since he was 5.”

Pease-Takes Horse’s son is J’Ree Old Bull. The boy’s horse, named Tank, discovered Feb. 7 piled with two other horses, was the one J’Ree rode in the full-speed Custer Battlefield Trading Post Little Big Horn Re-enactment. Speckled with magpie droppings, Tank and one of the other animals appeared to be recent kills, while the third horse had decomposed down to bare ribs. Less than five yards away was Alanna Kruger’s black filly.

As the women walked the pasture Friday surveying the dead, Kruger spotted a young paint that she’d raised and sold.

“This is the one that I sold to John. John Pretty On Top, the county commissioner,” Kruger said. “I bet he doesn’t know.”

Police from several law enforcement agencies surveyed the area Feb. 11, after complaints about the killings started appearing on Facebook, with photos. There were several tire tracks along an irrigation ditch where four more animals were found. In some cases, the horse’s heads had been cut off. Pease-Takes Horse said the heads were collected by police as evidence.

If wasn’t clear Friday if anyone would be charged with killing the animals. Reservation justice is a jurisdictional potpourri of local, state and federal agencies. Big Horn County Attorney Jay Harris said Friday that he hadn’t seen a report of killings.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement did not return phone calls from The Gazette on Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Montana: A field of dead horses angers neighbors”

  1. Reblogged this on cindymendoza47 and commented:
    why steal other peoples animal to do this kind of damage. was it the massage your ego. well if you are seeing this . you have got to know you have got to be the most disgusting evil pychopathic person that have really proud parents. bet they are just so proud to have you as a son ,just the luckiest people as there ever was . to tell the truth bet they are sticking their heads in the sand and covering for you so as not to be associated with you. sick, sick, sick.


  2. There is no words to describe my saddness……………….. there are many for those responsible, if i said them you would not print it !!!! I do have a question for them though do you hug and kiss you mother and children with the same hands that did this horror ?????


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