US Judge rejects Nevada coalition’s bid to dispose of excess Mustangs

Wild Horses Nevada. Andy Barron / AP Photo.
Wild Horses Nevada. Andy Barron / AP Photo.

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RENO, Nev. (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit filed by a coalition of rural Nevada counties that wanted to force the government to sell or otherwise dispose of tens of thousands of mustangs in U.S. holding facilities.

U.S. District Judge Miranda Du in Reno ruled in favor of wild horse advocates who said the effort backed by the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation was organized by ranchers who want a bigger share of forage for their livestock. They said it would have forced the sale of federally protected mustangs for slaughter.

Du said in a nine-page opinion dismissing the lawsuit that it was an unsubstantiated, broad attack on the Bureau of Land Management’s overall wild horse policy effective in 10 western states. She said the suit lacks specifics needed to order BLM to round up more horses and get rid of the ones the agency says it already has gathered in compliance with the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

The Nevada Association of Counties filed the suit against the U.S. Interior Department in December 2013 and asked for an injunction to force BLM to immediately roundup excess horses on public lands, determine statewide population levels every two months, “sell or dispose of” excess animals in government holding, and “stop interfering with Nevadans’ water rights,” Du wrote.

BLM also had asked the judge to dismiss the case. Du said that motion was moot now that she’s granted the dismissal sought by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Reno-based author Terri Farley and wild-horse photographer Mark Terrell of Dayton, Nevada.

“The frivolous bid by cattlemen to roundup and slaughter America’s iconic wild horses to clear the public lands for commercial livestock grazing has now been soundly rejected by the federal court,” said Suzanne Roy, director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

The case had made the BLM and horse advocates rare allies in a larger, ongoing legal battle over the mustang roundups that the horse advocates argue are illegal and should be stopped.

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• American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign News Release, FEDERAL COURT DISMISSES NEVADA CATTLEMEN’S ANTI-MUSTANG LAWSUIT, March 12, 2015

6 thoughts on “US Judge rejects Nevada coalition’s bid to dispose of excess Mustangs”

  1. I see both sides but the BLM was wrong in there “cowboy” run them until they drop method. Chasing them with helicopters…Not acceptable
    I do favor birth control as long as they do it without looking like a bunch of jerks. There are ways to compromise but that compromise can not come at the total expense of the wild horses.


    1. If PZP is allowed it is Extinction , and so you really think they would use it properly???? Proven fact is PZP after use on the mares will sterlize them………… STERLIZATION is certain extinction ……………. Been watching them for 20 yrs they do nothing with the Mustasngs welfare in mind !!!!!!! The BLM must be eliminated if the Mustangs are to survive !!! and flourish …………………..


  2. Thank God! Welfare Ranchers are not only in charge of the BLM and have way too much permission to graze out public lands, they are ruining it permanently not only with overgrazing, but livestock destroys grazing lands while horses maintain those lands. Wild Horses and Burros are designated not permitted. This is one of the great rip offs in American history. Thank you, Judge, thank you.


  3. This is a great win for wild horses! Welfare ranchers already have waaaaay more land allocation that belongs to the wild horses! Many, many thanks to all who were involved in this monumental win!


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