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Malibu the Premarin Mare


The name Malibu implies a lovely place that is warm and sunny, but Malibu the mare is not from such a place. She is from a Premarin horse farm that houses horses inside on cold concrete floors.

They are made to stand 24 hours a day for 6 months out of every pregnancy. The mares are kept pregnant because their urine is estrogen-rich during the last 6 months of their pregnancy. Thirst is a constant feeling for them as they are given only small amounts of water so that their urine will be concentrated. Attached to their hind end is a huge cumbersome bag that collects their urine so they cannot move forward, backward, or even lie down. They are tethered to their small miserable stalls so their collection bags do not leak.

Malibu had 9 foals in 9 years that were all sent to slaughter. Horse meat is considered a delicacy in some countries. She had her 10th foal at Watsonville, California where she was saved by Lynn Hummer who is the founder of the rescue.

Lynn has had many a foal born at her rescue. The volunteers who assist at the rescue have many jobs and spend a great deal of their time to keep the horses fed, watered, exercised and on their way to being rehabilitated physically and emotionally.

Slowly Malibu has gained weight, as when she arrived all her ribs were prominent. Lynn thought she might wither away because she had seemed to lose her will to live. Sometimes she stood with tears in her eyes. Some of the Premarin mares die standing on the line. They have been known to just keel over due to the stress placed on their bodies.

I walk to the pasture gate to say hello to all the horses. Malibu hangs back and just eyes me warily. She stands alone as the others come to greet me. She bares her teeth when the other mares come close to her.

I do bodywork on horses and can see that it will be a long time before she ever allows me to touch her—if she ever does. Lynn will never stop trying to make a connection with her. She gives new meaning to the word “rescue” and cares deeply about each and every horse she takes in.

It has been a year, and now Malibu allows herself to be touched—but only for a brief moment. Still, this is a huge step!

When touch from a human hand becomes too overwhelming for her Malibu moves away. She then watches from afar seeming to try to process the fact that the humans mean her no harm in her present circumstances.

Lynn is patient—undemanding of Malibu and unwaveringly hopeful that Malibu will continue on her long path to healing. Petition

On behalf of horses like Malibu, please be sure to sign our Petition asking Pfizer to stop making drugs with horse urine. And pass this story along. Thank you.

Update: This Petition is now closed.


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2 thoughts on “Malibu the Premarin Mare”

  1. Probably the only way that these drugs will ever be taken off the market
    is if the FDA decides they are such a hazard to women’s health they are banned. The only trouble is the FDA goes right along with what most of the drug companies want to peddle to the public even when there are deaths connected too the use of some of the drugs. I don’t believe a petition will have any effect on stopping these drugs being sold to patients. There is simply too much money being made to stop, the public will just have to educate themselves.


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