Rescued horses at Habitat for Horses in Texas.

ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day 2015

April 26th will be the ASPCA’s third annual Help a Horse Day.

Here are three ways to get involved:

1. ASPCA is holding a nationwide grants contest among equine rescues and sanctuaries, encouraging them to raise awareness about the life-saving work they do by hosting an event on Help a Horse Day this weekend.

Some exciting events planned for this year include spring festivals, hoe-downs, barn raisers, and more – check out a complete list of participating rescues and events near you:

2. Sign the petition telling Congress to ban the cruel, unnecessary and predatory industry of horse slaughter:

3. Participate in the Help A Horse Day Photo Contest for a chance to win a horse lover’s prize pack. Folks are asked to submit photos of their favorite equine friends using the hashtag #HelpAHorseContest:

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Featured Image: Rescued horses at Habitat for Horses.

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