Harness trainer Pena banned 3 years, fined $343,400 for 1,717 equine drug violations

Updated 4:30 PM EDT.

Horse racing in the United States is so corrupt and so cruel to the horses they breed, drug, injure and kill — not including the ones they dump in the slaughter pipline — it is beyond any reasonable explanation why it is still legally able to operate.

Except for the little excitement horse racing drums up this time of year (mainly among themselves) who notices and who cares about this so-called “sport”? It is evil personified and no less disgusting than horse tripping, horse soring and a whole host of other industries using horses. People have been walking away from it in droves. Long may they continue to do so.

Standardbred racing is just as rife with doping and abuse as Thoroughbred racing. Look at this from the Paulick Report:

The New York State Gaming Commission today issued a $343,400 fine and three-year ban against harness trainer Luis (Lou) Pena, holding him responsible for 1,717 equine drug violations.

In 2012, the Commission (formerly the Racing and Wagering Board) took action against Pena after a comprehensive investigation of veterinary records determined that he was responsible for racing illegally drugged harness horses between January 2010 and April 2012. The original hearing and notice detailing all of Pena’s violations, including a list of all the violations by horse, drug, administration date, race date and track can be found here.

Source: http://www.paulickreport.com/news/the-biz/harness-trainer-pena-cited-for-1717-drug-violations-fined-343400-banned-three-years/

Why is it that this horrible man will at some point be welcomed back into horse racing of any sort?

I love this comment:

naprovniknaprovnik • 20 hours ago
How about “lifetime ban”? Why don’t the “authorities” grow a pair?

And how about this?

Michael Castellano • 18 hours ago
Sad but probably true, if you want to know the worse offenders in both harness and thoroughbred racing, just see who has the highest win percentages. Which reminds me of something said in another forum here by another participant, that the decline of the thoroughbred breed is mostly fiction promoted by the high end trainers to justify all the meds they use. Well, we don’t notice a decline in the number of career races for harness racing, even though the same drugs seem to be rampant in that industry. So what is the reason for the decline in thoroughbred career starts? Could it be these same drugs in combination with poor training practices? I don’t claim to know, but I’ve been told by people who study genetics that 100 years is not enough time to corrupt a breed genetically.

The crimes committed against racehorses are rampant and horrific and largely go unpunished.

Horse racing is dying a slow death.

Sadly, it appears the only way to end the cruelty of horse racing is to end horse racing itself. Not enough people in the industry care or “have a pair” to institute true reforms.

Friesan Fire foal X Helen Louise. Posted on The Paulick Report.
Friesan Fire foal X Helen Louise. By George Adams. Posted on The Paulick Report.

Horse racing sites have been trying to jolly the public along with pictures of all the gorgeous Thoroughbred foals that have been born over the last few months. All I see are the innocent faces of the future victims of this vicious and insiduous industry.

Everyone who makes a living from horse racing and bets on it is part of the disgusting legacy of cruelty and death of these horses.

3 thoughts on “Harness trainer Pena banned 3 years, fined $343,400 for 1,717 equine drug violations”

    1. Yes indeed Kathleen. Patrick is doing a terrific job at http://www.horseracingwrongs.com/. It is a bit different to http://racehorsememorialwall.blogspot.com/. Both are needed and we are grateful for them.

      Also it is sickening to see all the money being raised for various causes — no doubt good ones — but where are the events for the horses who none of this would be going on without?

      I use the same reasoning that the horse advocates do with horse soring and Big Lick events.

      Why would you want your charity to take money from horse racing? It’s as unscrupulous and cruel as horse soring.

      Horse racing has questionable breeding practices, malicious drugging and illegal doping, and from where we stand routinely abuses, maims or kills horses during training and racing, and also sends a percentage of them to slaughter.

      For those new to this issue, please Jane Allin’s work on the subject: see http://www.horsefund.org/horse-racing-resources.php


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