Pellet gun sniper taking aim at Enumclaw horses

Enumclaw, Washington horse shot with pellets by sniper. Source image.
Enumclaw, Washington horse shot with pellets by sniper. Source image.

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ENUMCLAW, Wash. — The King County sheriff’s office is now investigating reports of a pellet-gun-wielding sniper taking shots at horses on the Enumclaw plateau.

Stable owner Chris Barkhurst believes it happened sometime last Friday afternoon. He was shocked to find a small pellet lodged in a horse’s skin.

“We found the pellet right there. It was actually sticking out of his skin,” Barkhurst said of a horse named Skip.

They found other marks that appeared to be pellet wounds and then started checking other horses who had similar wounds, but no pellets.

The horses were all in the pasture next to 400th Avenue SE in the Krain Corner area of Enumclaw. It’s a busy east-west route in this rural area filled with horses and cows.

“I was really scared for my horse because he was along the road out front, too,” said Terri Hardersen.

She was there when the pellet gun sniping was discovered.

“I don’t know what goes through somebody’s mind. I don’t understand what would make them want to do it. If they’re bored or just don’t have common sense,” Hardersen said.

King county animal control and the sheriff’s office came out to investigate. Barkhurst said he’s never had any vandalism or other crimes at the property.

“I don’t have that type of mentally, so I’m assuming it’s kids,” Barkhurst said. “A little drive-by, thinking it’s fun to see the horses buck or kick.”

The sheriff’s office says no other incidents like this reported yet, but as news travels they may find other shootings.

If you have any information please contact:

King County’s Sheriff’s Office
King County Courthouse
516 3rd Ave W-150, Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 296-3311

3 thoughts on “Pellet gun sniper taking aim at Enumclaw horses”

  1. Shows the low intellect and the distortion of people today. The BASTARDS that did this, and DO this, have been sitting in their LAZY ASSES playing video games, not CONTRUBUTING to society. They need to GET JOBS, and be TORTURED themselves. This makes me HATE PEOPLE.


  2. Pellet and BB guns should be banned they do nothing but harm animals sometimes resulting in death. There is no use for these guns that people should be allowed to have them. Get rid of them NOW


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