Roy Exum: Our sored Walkers weep

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ROY EXUM. Source image.
ROY EXUM. Source image.

I believe the United States Constitution is our most precious document. I also believe in order for us to live in the way that so many who have died for our country dreamed we would someday, we must cherish the Constitution, uphold it, and glory in it.

That established, the Constitution just broke my heart.

Tammy Harrington, a circuit court judge in Blount County, has just ruled Larry Joe Wheelon’s rights under the Fourth Amendment were violated by a search warrant in an April 2013 raid on his barn.

On that day 19 horses were seized, some so badly abused by caustic chemicals the animals could hardly walk. The evidence was overwhelming but Judge Harrington’s ruling on Friday means the 70-year-old Wheelon will soon walk as a free man rather than serve any punishment for very obvious soring practices he uses to make Tennessee Walking Horse dance a sickening step called the “Big Lick”.

Forget that the repeated delays in the judicial process of the Wheelon trial have cast a curious cloud over the Blount County Courthouse. Never mind that last summer, while awaiting trial, Wheelon was ticketed once again by USDA inspectors for violating the federal Horse Protection Act as he has done so many times in his checkered past. What matters is that the Constitution is the supreme law of the United States and must be followed to the letter.

While “sound horse” disciples across America are wincing over Judge Harrington’s decision, and animal advocates see the Wheelon case as a mockery of true justice, the fact that horse soring is so rampant in Tennessee leads to the belief it is just a matter of time before dedicated law enforcement officers nab the next closed-door barn monster.

Larry Joe Wheelon. Photo: The Daily Times.
Larry Joe Wheelon. Photo: The Daily Times.

Judge Harrington, who knows far more about our laws than I do, ruled Friday that some “undercover” visits by a federal agent before the warrant was issued violated Wheelon’s rights and said there were also some credibility issues with an affidavit that supported the search warrant. “It is never an easy decision,” the judge told the court, “and I understand the issues may be politically charged. However, that never takes the place of the Constitution.”

I believe Judge Harrington misspoke when she talked of “issues that may be politically charged.” Politics has little to do with animal abuse. A trainer either abuses a horse or does not. It could be she was referring to Blount County, where the courthouse fronts Lamar Alexander Parkway.

Alexander, a U.S. Senator who is leading opposition to the “Prevent All Soring Tactics” bills now coursing through the Senate and House with a watered-down bill, is a known supporter of the “Big Lickers,” a shady group out of Shelbyville intent on preserving the dirty side of the horse industry.

The better truth is the “Big Lick” is killing the Tennessee Walking Horse, its gentle reputation and its noble heritage. Public perception of the gross pads, the tight chains on horses’ hooves and barbaric practices to “pain” a horse so it will lift its agonized front legs higher in an unnatural gait, is scathing. While “sound” horse shows are thriving, some venues are banning Big Lick horses.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in the process of elevating animal abuse to a Level One crime, placing it as a top priority with crimes like murder, extortion, and financial fraud. The FBI believes anyone who will hurt an animal may morph into the next Jeffery Dahmer and, by next February, indicates it will actively pursue those who have gained world-wide notoriety for soring horses.

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7 thoughts on “Roy Exum: Our sored Walkers weep”

  1. Please everyone go to Change .org. and sign the petitions against the Spring Jubilee in Columbia May 28th,29th, and 30th if you need more information please contact Peggy Kuhn Larimore at 931-624-4529 we will have more information for people that want to help STOP this horrific act of soring …..Vivian please call me I need your help on this to get is out to the public….Thank you Peggy


  2. These people are sadistic horse abusers. FBI profiles reveal that sadistic abusers must continue to abuse in order to feel normal. This is their make-up. Look at what lengths they go to in order to abuse these defenseless horses. A serial rapist must continue to rape, and this is no different. We do know these abusers like control. They completely control the horse in this abusive practice because a horse is not verbally or physically capable of escaping their evil clutches. It’s so heartbreaking. I’ve been a horse lover and rider all my life and every time I think of what these TWH’s go through it sickens me. Then when I see the videos of them struggling, so obviously in pain, and suffering it sickens me. I can’t stand to see it. I continue to sign petitions, and fight on their behalf. Does anybody know an attorney that reviewed what this judge did is legally proper? I’m very curious to know. Does anybody know if this can be appealed?


  3. This decision is heartbreaking. This man will be back, because people who don’t get punished, think they are above the law, and they make mistakes. These lawyers need to make sure they don’t. You can get angry at this stuff, but we need laws passed that carry weight and work, so when someone gets caught soring, they go to jail..I pray for all of the horses involved, they are, as usual the INNOCENT victims…

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    1. The people on his side (hard to imagine I know) have been making a big deal about his age and failing health. Well, he was fit enough to abuse horses so I don’t give a toss and neither should they.


  4. While I am enraged by any horse abuse this issue with soring particularly offends me as I have a TWH mare and she is such a gentle and kind soul. Would those cowards try abusing a TB stallion? Maybe they getting their head bashed in…



    1. After the way the “Big Lickers” went after Rep. Ed Whitfield and a few others, it makes me wonder if this Judge was intimidated. People who abuse animals to the degree these people do show them to be of a particular sick and violent mindset, capable of just about anything.

      I remember hearing “around the circuit” many years ago about the disappearance of one particular USDA inspector who refused to play ball with these evildoers, never to be heard from again. Cold, knowing looks and snickers were exchanged.

      I pretended I didn’t understand. Whether or not it was true, it gave me an insight into just how vicious these people are. And all for winning a ribbon.


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