Video — From Cradle to Grave: Horse Racing Exposed

Eight Belles falls to her chest as she fractures both front legs after crossing the finish line in the 2008 running of the Kentucky Derby.
Eight Belles falls to her chest as she fractures both front legs after crossing the finish line in the 2008 running of the Kentucky Derby. (click to enlarge)

This year, while those in the U.S. who are involved with horse racing are drooling over the possibility of a Triple Crown winner, those who detest this cruel and deadly business think only of its victims — the racehorses.

Here is a video which does a good job of exposing much of what goes on.

You can hear what it sounds like when a 2-year old filly fractures her canon bone while galloping during training at 3:50.

We also have Glenn Thompson’s most recent video interview on our website’s multi-media page.

Glenn is the Thoroughbred racehorse trainer who wrote the book The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings.


Saving Baby by JoAnne Normile book cover.

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Exclusive Reports by Jane Allin

Read This Book
“Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Lead to Her Redemption”, by JoAnne Normile.

Normile founded CANTER, the first organization to take Thoroughbreds right from the racetrack to safe havens and now has chapters across the country. Learn about Normile’s current charitable work for racehorses at

We encourage anyone interested in horses to read this book.

6 thoughts on “Video — From Cradle to Grave: Horse Racing Exposed”

  1. Stricter regs on the whole Industry have to be written and enforced with severe fines and punishment implemented for violations. From beginning of all race careers to retirement. Proper care and training and in between…all horses.


  2. That awkward moment where some of these “facts” are incorrect. i work at a breeding barn and have seen that, yes, these horses have hard lives- they’re put on the track a year or two earlier than they should (growth plates aren’t fused yet). However, this whole nurse mare thing… Completely incorrect. The average gestation period for a mare is 10 months, and once she foals out, the foal nurses from her. we don’t rip the foals away from their mothers until weaning because, health and strength-wise, it’s in their best interests. Nurse mares are only used if the mother dies or isn’t producing enough milk to feed her foal, or we just supplement with hand-fed bottles. Yes, the horse racing industry is deeply flawed and people lose sight of the animals. But if you’re going to attack it, use the proper facts. Reputable breeders love their animals and treat them accordingly- I know that my boss and I put in sleepless nights and hours devoted to ensuring the animals’ comfort and well-being.


  3. That’s what I have always said about the brood mares being sold for slaughter. If the horse can’t reproduce out it goes if the racehorse can’t win a race out it goes. Because of the money being made off of these horses racing will never die. Every time I happen to see a minute or two of a race on the news you can see the whips flying up and down like they are whipping the very life out of the horses running the race. Also there are bitless bridles on the market that does not do the damage to the horses mouth because they aren’t in the mouth. You wonder why more people don’t use them?


    1. I couldn’t agree more. In 2009 my dad bought me my first horse. She is an off the track running quarter named milk done gone ( look her up her line is beyond legendary). My dad bought her for $500. From a guy who couldn’t even tell us her name, his reason for selling this beautiful creature he had enough foals from her… she was 150 underweight while nursing but never seeing a nursing mare before I didn’t know this wasn’t normal. We brought her home and the next day she began to show major signs of being abused. She still shows signs of being hit in the face with a whip but she trust me enough to know I will die before anyone hurts her. I don’t see how someone can throw away a whole life just because they didn’t win or they don’t work for them anymore. I have no doubt that if we didn’t buy my pandora she would have been sold to slaughter.


  4. Thank you for sharing the TRUTHS about horse racing, a multi-billion dollar gambling industry that KILLS horses by the thousands…then sends thousands more to be slaughtered.

    Also please follow Horseracing Wrongs at

    Thank you!!
    Joy Aten


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