Alex Brown Releases Video Series on Horse Slaughter

Alex Brown. Google image.
Alex Brown. Google image.

Alex Brown has launched a 55 minute video series titled, Horses: Sports, Culture and Slaughter

The series is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the controversial issue of horse slaughter, in a manner that is not emotional, nor biased.

The goal of this series is purely educational, allowing anyone to get up to speed with all the issues related to horse slaughter in the United States.

Alex Brown has focused on the issue of horse slaughter for eight years. He has not only written about the subject, but has frequented many of the “kill auctions” and other venues related to the issue; much of this content is also featured in the series.

Brown has been a horseman his entire life, galloping horses for many top racehorse trainers for many years. Brown is also the author of the horse racing biography, Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy.

On producing this series, Brown noted,

I wanted to create a resource that anyone could watch and from which they can learn. Some of the discourse that deals with this divisive issue is either biased to the point of view of the publisher / writer, or is so visually horrifying that no one wants to watch. I deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff. Now I just hope people watch, and it creates discussion.”

On why he produced a video, rather than an essay or book, Brown continued,

I recognize how difficult it is to encourage an audience to buy a book, and even then, you don’t know whether it is read. My goal is to get this content out there; I figured a free resource, that the audience can watch, might be the way to go.”


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44 thoughts on “Alex Brown Releases Video Series on Horse Slaughter”

  1. This sums it up for me, an excerpt from a very interesting book:

    “What he liked about horse racing was the minimal investment and the high returns. He didn’t mind horses at all; they were easy on the eyes and exciting to watch.”

    “The horse industry in general was a zero-waste proposition: this was one animal you could take from birth, exploit all its qualities – speed, strength, tractability – through breeding, racing, eventing, caléche or companion service, and then profit from its flesh when it had outlived its usefulness.”

    ― From the Book, GROUND MANNERS, A NOVEL, by Cynthia D’Errico

    Read Jane Allin’s reports and white papers on a wide variety of horse racing issues from doping to track surfaces to slaughter on our website:


    1. no arguments here, re that excerpt. As you know, my efforts are targeted with ending that final piece … profiting from its death. Racing itself has many problems, and I have been pretty vocal about that too, as you could see from the last link I provided.


  2. You ladies seem pretty obsessed with someone you allegedly hate. Why don’t you write a book or do a you tube video yourselves – or find some other way to redirect your anger and energy into educating people about the cause, rather than hating on someone else’s efforts. “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”
    Maya Angelou


    1. Katie Olson, hate of an individual is not a part of this “conversation”. Hatred of an industry that crippled and kills thousands of horses for entertainment and gambling purposes is. If you are not outraged at the suffering of any sentient creature – especially when that suffering comes at the hands of an entertainment industry – the you, too, are part of the problem.
      As far as your suggestion to “redirect my anger”, I’m way ahead of you…co-founded an equine charity, am an advisory board member of an equine welfare/anti-slaughter film, am a member of my state’s equine welfare coalition, and write true stories of abused racehorses that were exploited by the TB racing industry. In my “spare time”, I rescue horses of all breeds…the phone calls and emails come every week. You have no clue.


      1. Hate of the individual is not part of this conversation?! You keep coming back and attacking Alex- his beliefs his employment, his efforts. Every sentence you type is saturated with contempt for the man! You sound like a lunatic. You have no clue.


        1. Ms. Olson, YOU have no clue. I would suggest that you remove your head from up Brown’s butt and realize that he promotes an industry that kills, and maims, horses. You obviously approve of that. I think you and Brown would make an awesome team. Perhaps with help from you, Brown could stop the demand for horsemeat in other countries around the world. Whenever there is demand for a product, someone will supply that demand IF they can make a profit. Business 101…


    2. Katie, I don’t know if I’m included in your remark “You ladies” but if so, I DID write a book about my experiences in horseracing that was published by St. Martin’s Press last October and is right now available in hardcover at bookstores, online, in all forms of e-book and in audio. Saving Baby-How One Woman’s Love for a Horse Led to Her Redemption. You can learn more about it and about myself at and you can read over 200 reviews on Amazon. I consider my book a love story that shares with the reader my experiences as a Thoroughbred breeder, as an owner and as an elected member of racing’s two prestigious boards in my state: The Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association. I was very pro-racing and very immersed in the industry and on the backstretch every day, participated in major decisions as a member of those boards but I left racing horrified and started the very first CANTER program in Michigan (the first horse rescue in the nation to rescue racehorses directly from their stalls at the track) and then helped affiliates start in IL, OH, PA, the Mid-Atlantic and New England before resigning in 2006.

      The rescue was 100% volunteer (in fact, I quit my job as a court reporter when CANTER became so large and still took no salary) and Joy Aten was a board member of this rescue and the chair of the onsite Track Committee. We were intaking over 100 horses a year from our small Michigan track so she does know what she saw. It was not an unusual year to have 30% of those horses needing to be euthanized because even renowned equine orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Stick at Michigan State University would state they were “unsalvageable” yet we would spend over $50,000 on surgery for OTHERS that also came into our program directly from their stalls and last race, still wearing their racing plates but injured to the point they could race no more.

      Frustrated that decades have gone by with racing only getting more abusive not better, I wrote my book. I hope it will inform people of what happens to these poor beings, unable to even whimper a sign of pain and how horse slaughter is an economic necessity to racing. Do you remember in the video when Mr. Brown mentioned those that desire an end to slaughter do not have the money to match the pro-slaughter side? Well, it is because the 40 billion dollar racing industry will not join our side yet there are so many wealthy and powerful racing entities that they are referred to as the racing industry’s “alphabet soup” organizations whose CEOs and presidents make six and even seven figure salaries a year but their lobbyists do not join us to fight to pass any anti-slaughter legislation.

      In addition, because I didn’t just want to inform and inspire people about the abuse in racing and the slaughter pipeline it uses, I wanted my book to also literally save horses’ lives so I co-founded and I am president of Saving Baby Equine Charity (one of the co-founders is also Joy Aten) which is funded by a portion of each book sold. Both my book and the rescue each also have Facebook pages. We welcome your support to save horses’ lives through direct donation or through purchase of my book. I hope I am doing my share to stop any equine abuse. Thank you!

      “If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and we do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” Anna Sewell from Black Beauty


    3. Ms. Olson, who said that we “hate” Mr. Brown? Can you provide documentation where that was stated by one of us “ladies”? I’m sure you have the proof at your fingertips, right? Hate is a very powerful word and I have NEVER said that I hated Brown and, if you say I do, even allegedly, then you are a liar. Now, I’m going to have to tell it to you straight. I am angry and I am angry at the TB racing industry. Why, you might ask? Because, Ms. Olson, the TB racing industry destroys horses and it destroys horses on a daily basis. I spent years walking the backside of a low level track trying to help the horses that are exploited in the industry where Mr. Brown makes his living. Not once did I see Mr. Brown walking those shed rows…not once. I think he was busy working for Mr. ASSmussen (a trainer who is well known for drugging his horses and, at one time, had more drug violations that ANY other trainer in the country) or perhaps he was busy writing a book. You also state that we seem “pretty obsessed” with someone we allegedly hate. Obsessed with Alex Brown? Surely you jest. I may be obsessed with shutting down racing but I couldn’t care less if I ever hear Brown’s name again. The ONLY reason I posted on this blog is because it comes through my email (I subscribe to it) and someone else alerted me to the fact that Brown, who makes his living by exploiting horses, was being given a platform to promote his videos.

      Also, just to clear up additional confusion on your part, I do NOT hate his efforts but what has Brown really done? Slaughter has been part of the corporate culture of racing for years and years and years. Slaughter is racing’s DISPOSAL system, plain and simple. Doesn’t Brown know that? Slaughter is nothing new to those participating in this disgusting industry. Has Brown made an impact with his videos? If so, then slaughter is well on its way to being eliminated, right? So, Ms. Olson, where will the thousands of TB’s go….to your house or perhaps to Mr. Browns’ house? I doubt it. In fact, Brown has attended slaughter auctions. If so, did he “save” a horse when he was there, or did he just watch and plan his video series? I want to be clear so there is no confusion. Those who participate in the racing industry are animal exploiters. They have the blood of the hundreds of thousands of TB’s, who have gone to slaughter or been killed in racing, on their hands. Brown would fit into that category. Again, I do NOT hate him but I don’t respect him. Got it?

      Now, you gave us “ladies” an excellent suggestion. You suggested we make a YouTube video or write a book. Actually, Jo Anne Normile has written a book and I bought five copies…one for me and four for friends of mine. We haven’t done a YouTube video but we’ll keep that in mind. Of course, I now have a suggestion for you. Get up out of your chair and save a couple of these deserving animals. Yes, pick up some broken bodies just like Joy and I have done over and over and over. Of course, let’s not forget to encourage people not to bet on the horses. Do what Pete Rose did…bet on baseball instead.

      Finally, please be certain of this….racing can’t be “fixed” and I’ve been saying that for years. It must cease to exist and that, Ms. Olson, is my goal…end racing FOREVER!


  3. And one “rule” was to not speak negatively of the racing industry – if one chose to do so, one was banned. Convenient that the rules aligned with Brown’s personal beliefs and employment status. He never did care to “respond” to the truth…it was always safer (for him) to ban.


    1. not exactly true. While it was a horse racing site, it was up to me to apply and design any rules for the site. The rules were not mandated by an industry, and I have always been independent of the industry. I have never avoided the truth, and have supported and initiated a few programs, through the site, to support horses at the end of their racing careers and to support anti slaughter measures.

      It is just a shame that is it more important to you to try to derail my efforts, than to support the broader issue of ending horse slaughter.


      1. Not “exactly” true….something is either the truth or not the truth. And the truth is, Brown is a racing supporter and promoter. The racing industry sends its discarded “athletes” to slaughter by the thousands. That truth clearly shows what value – or complete lack of it – they place on those sentient beings’ lives. Getting rid of slaughter – which I am 100% for – will not change the industry’s value system…it will just remove their easy way to get rid of their used-up, worn-out, unwanted horses. Then what despicable means will they use? The industry needs to continue to decline and eventually die. Any anyone who doesn’t help to get this horse-killing industry off “life support” – in order to hasten its demise – is working to enable the continuation of equine abuse and exploitation. And I have no tolerance for such individual.


      2. Truthfully (since there seems to be trouble with Brown’s understanding of what truth is), I should have simply said in response to Brown’s “It’s just a shame…”; No, it’s a shame that Brown supports an industry that he admits needs fixing but cannot BE fixed…again, his own admission. Indefensible. And incredibly shameful.


      3. Alex, we all know that you and the moderators (we called them “henchwomen”) ran a tight ship. I frequently post on a blog called Horseracing Wrongs and Patrick Battuello allows pro-racing comments. In fact, there are those that bash and trash those who are anti-racing on that blog. Sometimes it does get out of control but I do feel it is important to hear both sides of the story. No one is trying to derail your efforts and to even suggest that is irresponsible, at best. We just find it difficult to comprehend how anyone can support an industry (horseracing) that uses slaughter as its disposal system. As far as supporting horses at the end of their careers, that is something that you should do since the horses put money into your bank account over the years. How many horses do you currently own? Oh, and don’t say that you don’t have a farm or a barn on your property. You can always board a horse that has been thrown into the trash by your industry. It is my understanding that you don’t own any horses so that is why I asked the question. I currently own seven…four OTTB’s and three Standardbreds. A group of us (Joy Aten was a part of the group) outbid Jaron (Jaronslav) Gold, a licensed TB owner/trainer when we went to Shipshewana in 2008. Yep, that’s right, Alex, a LICENSED owner/trainer who is also a contract kill buyer. You just gotta love racing, right? Good ole Gold…I guess he promised the racing commissions that he wouldn’t send TB’s to slaughter. Anyone who believes that will believe that the earth is flat. Perhaps in your effort to end slaughter, you could start with Gold. Better be prepared to go up against those state racing commissions. Heck, I’ve heard that Bill Crawford, who heads up the ORC, is pro-slaughter. And people wonder why I despise racing. Unbelievable, but this is horseracing.

        Just to bring you up to speed, I do support ending slaughter. If you say I don’t, then you are lying. If I didn’t want to end slaughter, then I wouldn’t have helped so many horses get off the track, right? Therefore, to say that I don’t support ending horse slaughter is not only reprehensible, but it is a lie.

        My last comment is in regards to ABR. I remember when you supported Christy Shiedy (AC4H). Christy and her hubby, Mr. Ricky Shiedy, were horse dealers/brokers and were, therefore, part of the slaughter pipeline. I specifically remember you, and the moderators, not allowing any negative posts in regards to your pal, Shiedy. Three years ago, Shiedy was raided by the FBI. Now, I have been on this earth a long, long time but I don’t know anyone who has been raided by the FBI. That raid was followed up with a loss of AC4H’s 501c3 status. I guess Shiedy got caught with her pants down, so to speak. Anyway, you supported her on ABR and heaven help the people who spoke out against her for they would be headed to the Land of the Banned….LOL! Oh, and let’s not forget when you threatened a lady (I think it was Bev Dee, but I’m not 100% sure) when she was talking about a horse who had the same sire as Barbaro. She dared to say the horse was a half-brother of Barbaro! You came after her big time. I think she actually left your forum before you had the chance to ban her. How shameful is that, Alex? She was trying to help horses and you profess to love horses but you ran her off because she wouldn’t apologize for something that was insignificant. What a crock of you know what! Yep, you had your “rules and regulations” on ABR and people had to “mind their manners” just so they could be part of your forum. Well, gotta go. I think I hear Barbaro flying over my house. Yep, it’s him and he is carrying a flag to celebrate the 4th. You know, Alex, Barbaro still watches over me and all my rescued animals. Now, if he could just stop them from going to slaughter…


      4. ” Never avoided the truth.”? Hummm I recall so many people being BANNED from Alex Brown Racing forum when they would give a negative comment on horse racing or the truth would be told of what a certain horse rescue was doing. The Forum was much better when it was Tim Wooley Racing. I believe when Eight Belles was injured on the track, MANY people were banned from ABR. There was no discussion, it was zero tolerance territory. ONLY positive remarks on horse racing were allowed. on Alex Brown Racing, so avoiding the truth when horses died while racing was not avoiding the truth? Other than write a book or now promote your latest video, WHAT have YOU done within the racing industry to change the fact the RACING industry sends nearly half of the horses to slaughter? do you go to the owners, ? trainers? show them videos? did you stop exercise riding race horses from the industry that Over breeds and mistreats race horses? How much did you donate when the FOB were dishing out thousands to rescue horses at auctions? This is all about MONEY and your book and your video. Why not at least put up a link to Mary Nash’s Kaufman zoning site? Then folks have a choice to watch or not.


        1. Nona, you have spoken the truth about Brown and his forum – ABR. I was banned and I wear that distinction as a badge of honor. Brown was definitely a bully and his moderators followed his commands like puppets in an army. Oh, and don’t expect to get answers to your questions because Brown has no answers. He would have to be an idiot not to realize that racing destroys the horses that put food on his table. Donate to save a horse’s life? Nope, he was perfectly content to let his followers save lives through their donations. Brown, in my opinion, is always looking for a platform to get some recognition and glory. Sad, but true…


        2. Oddly enough I thought the trashing of me was over. Sadly not so. If you don’t like me, fine. But please spend your energy focused on the horses, I am of little consequence.


  4. thanks Caitlin. It is unfortunate that there is little cooperation amongst the various factions of the anti slaughter community. At least if Mary had watched the videos, she would have noticed that I do not paint a rosy picture regarding horse racing, drugs and the claiming system.


    1. Wow, Alex I did not know posting your videos would be opening up so many cans of worms.

      Sad but true many, many people hate horse racing now. It’s about time. Horse racing in the US is sick. Very, very sick.

      How anyone can leave a racehorse on his own, after giving up on treating him for colic, to die in absolute agony by himself, is beyond shocking to me. It is almost impossible for me to believe, yet I have seen that it does, and a common occurrence. I am glad my Dad is not alive to see it. He would have taken a shotgun to them, no exaggeration, and I would be visiting him in prison.

      We have barn staff who call us crying. Yes, literally crying begging us to do something, anything to stop these horrors. They don’t know what to do and are afraid. Very afraid. Let no one rush to judgment calling anyone a coward or telling these people what they ought to be doing.

      What can we do? We have seen what collecting eye witness accounts, sworn statements and video evidence gets anyone. Not very far. But there are avenues to take. Obviously I can’t go into more here.

      The sad, sad facts are these. I heard it all firsthand myself, sitting in a room with some of these folks.

      No one in the industry in a position to help these horses gives a damn about these horses. These horses are a means to an end. And this latest crap about drug testing and raceday medications and all the rest of it? Sheer, absolute and total bull. What effing gall they have! It is diversionary at best and will change absolutely nothing. These useless plans have been specifically concocted to deceive those outside the industry and appease a gullible public.

      Horse slaughter is what horse racing has in common all around the world.

      So it doesn’t really matter to me how well Hong Kong – perceived to be the most ethical of horse racing venues – does everything else.

      The dinner plate is where most racehorses will end up when they can no long run fast enough, or at all, or impregnate mares, or an owner is just tired of them and wants to get rid of them for something new, blah blah effing blah.

      Nothing and no one is too big (or too rich to be taken down). David took down Goliath with a slingshot and a few rocks. It can be done. I believe it will be done.


        1. Alex, I agree with you. Racing can’t be fixed and I have been saying that for years. You are an intelligent man and you most certainly could find employment elsewhere. That makes your support of racing even more despicable since you could find another means to support yourself. Get the hell out!


    2. Alex, I did watch the first video tonight. I sincerely wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. Frankly, it was a waste of my time. It was VERY elementary and, in my opinion, was geared to the person who is naïve or virtually clueless when it comes to slaughter. The only thing I learned in the 20 minutes that I watched was that horseracing occurs on Indian reservations and is unregulated (surprise, surprise). The rest of the video was basic information. I think you forget that I have been in the trenches for years and years. There is very little that you could teach me in regards to the slaughter issues. Of course, you know that I own two horses that were actually inside Richelieu three years ago…Cactus Café and Canuki. If anyone is an expert when it comes to slaughter, it would be me. I do agree that you don’t paint a rosy picture of racing, but, if you did, you would be lying. There is nothing rosy about any industry that destroys animals.


  5. Although I viewed all three segments, I found it very difficult to watch and listen to someone who supports the abusive horse racing. He has earned his living upon the backs and ultimately broken legs of these exploited beings and these very racehorses are the second largest breed of horses sent to slaughter.

    I take exception to the fact that Mr. Brown states that there are “two sport issues” (which I replayed to make sure I heard that right) and he mentions racing and rodeo. Neither of these are considered “sports” by the Olympics. Rodeo as Mr. Brown admits later on is more a tourist attraction. Horse racing is certainly not a “sport”. Take away the gambling component and horse racing would suffer and die like their horses do. Even gambling across state lines through simulcasting is not enough for horse racing to survive as a “sport”. It must seek funds from onsite racinos or bailout money from offsite casinos in order to even remain in the gambling business. Real sports survive on their ticket sales, merchandise sales and television rights despite paying their athletes exorbitant salaries and bonuses and yet their athletes are not sent to slaughter when no longer capable of performing. True professional sports when unable to maintain a fan base, go bankrupt and are gone. In fact, entire true sports leagues have gone under without a single one asking to have slot machines in their facilities in order that they may remain in business. Supply and demand as Mr. Brown so well understands should also apply to horse racing. To profess that horse racing is a sport is a deception to viewers.

    Some suggestions for Mr. Brown, if he hopes his video will make an impact, please, stop with the repeated use of words such as “speculation”, “I think”, “don’t have anything to support that” and the constant reference citing of Wikipedia all of which are unprofessional and shocking considering that the text at the end refers to him as a “teacher”. I offer the following for this teacher to review in the future: or you might try Williams College Libraries’ article “Should I use Wikipedia? Probably not”.

    Finally, there was no mention of the peer-reviewed research article published in Food and Chemical Toxicology entitled Association of phenylbutazone usage with horses bought for slaughter:
    A public health risk Nicholas Dodman a, Nicolas Blondeau b, Ann M. Marini c,* which has been used extensively by the anti-slaughter proponents to prove the dangers associated with any horse going to slaughter that has received phenylbutazone and racehorses, as Mr. Brown well knows receive “bute” regularly yet no food animal in the United States maybe given phenylbutazone even once in its entire life and ever enter our food chain. Unconscionably, with little concern for our moral and legal responsibilities to the consumers of our horses, our nation permits our chemically tainted horses to be shipped for human consumption.


    1. thanks for your feedback Jo Anne, and for watching the videos. While I won’t argue each point with you, you have to admit that I did note that the most important anti slaughter argument is that the horse is not a food animal. I used bute as the reason, showed drug bottles etc. etc. As an FYI, I had previously done my own research on this, thanks to the DRF etc.


  6. Alex, I’ve just watched part 1 of your 3 videos. I had difficulty with the audio at the beginning with no sound. Is there a written text available?


    1. Unfortunately there is no text version, sorry you had trouble with the audio, it should work. Thanks for watching.


      1. Alex, I’ve been able to watch all 3 videos now. Can you answer some questions for me please?


        1. Firstly Alex, you have been very selective in answering my questions and only answered a few of them.

          Re horse slaughter footage –
          You say people don’t want to see it and tune out – this is your excuse for not providing the evidence of the issue at hand and yet you want to create “a discussion” on the issue? Remember Alex, there is always a warning on those horse slaughter footages and therefore the choice is up to the individual.

          Of course the food animal factor is a very strong argument but you did not answer my question –
          If you are anti-slaughter, wouldn’t THE most important argument be the unspeakable inhumane suffering of these horses when slaughtered?

          Of course people need to be informed of both sides of the issue, that is a given. And the issue here is horse slaughter, agreed? However, you dismally failed to inform the people of what horse slaughter is. You only showed some footage of horses lined up in readiness for slaughter……
          You state “I cannot imagine that anyone who does watch the entire series would come away from it thinking horse slaughter is the right solution to the unwanted horse issue”.
          I disagree with you. If you had provided links showing the inhumane suffering when a horse is slaughtered, then I would agreed with you because, in my experience, most people would watch it because it is THE ISSUE in discussion. When humanitarian organisations want the public to be made aware of inhumane suffering they show the footage and we’ve been used to that for many, many decades.

          You gave information as to the various activities that send their horses to slaughter. You showed crowds watching rodeo, etc., however, I do not recall seeing a big prizemoney race meeting with a large glamorous crowd watching horses being flogged with whips whilst seriously fatigued.

          “You mention in Part 1 that anti-slaughter people/entities were demonizing all horse sports. Do you not think that this is an inappropriate thing to say when many, like myself, do not have a problem with many other horse sports? “ You did not answer this question Alex. What you did do was talk about some horse sports?

          Agreed you did mention the racehorse trainer/kill buyer, however, that is the type that the racing industry wants to be rid of because it embarrasses the industry. In the meantime the industry unashamedly sends the great majority of the horses bred by it to the slaughterhouse.

          I challenge you to put up a couple of links to horse slaughter footage on your series – quite simple to do – introduce it as something you forgot to include and call it Part 4. And then people are in a position to make up their own minds having been provided with the most vital and indisputable evidence and, only then, can a person have an informed opinion.

          And for good measure, take the opportunity of adding a link to the footage of AMERICAN PHAROAH winning the Kentucky Derby whilst his jockey, VICTOR ESPINOZA, mercilessly beats this horse with a whip 32 times and no, AP will never end up in the slaughterhouse but then again…….. look at what happened to FERDINAND!


      2. You say “I deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff….. and…… it (you hope your product) creates discussion”
        Okay, but how can one objectively have a viewpoint when the most important issue here is the slaughter process and there is no footage of this? (i’ve looked at horse slaughter footage in England).
        For people who have not viewed any horse slaughter, then how can they possibly make an informed opinion? Of course it’s horrific but unless you show exactly what these racehorses suffer in the slaughtering process, you are not providing the most vitally important facts.
        There are horse slaughter process footages available, you don’t have to produce your own, all you had to do was provide the links (yes, you did mention transport) so I’m somewhat perplexed about this. Therefore this begs the question – did you think that if you provided footage of the truth of the final outcome for the great majority of the horses bred (as you would be aware not all have raced) by the racing industry, it would bring the industry into further disrepute? If you are anti-slaughter, wouldn’t the most important argument be the unspeakable inhumane suffering of these horses when slaughtered?

        In my experience, the golden rule for a healthy discussion to be effective about any subject/issue is for all the information, being the facts and evidence, be put on the table.

        You mention in Part 1 that anti-slaughter people/entities were demonizing all horse sports. Do you not think that this is an inappropriate thing to say when many, like myself, do not have a problem with many other horse sports?

        You mention that claiming races are a bit problematic – bit of an understatement don’t you think?

        You mention that harness racing is important. Why?

        You mention that the stats on crowd attendance at Houston rodeos are fantastic! One can only conclude that you are a fan/supporter of the sickening cruelty upon horses and cattle that takes place at these rodeos.

        You mention that there is now a big movement in the racing industry to find careers for OTTB in equestrian disciplines implying that the racing industry is doing a good thing here. I know, and no doubt you know, that only a drop in the ocean of OTTBs compared to the total number of OTTBs find a career in equestrian. The reason for this embarrassingly low percentage is because racing does irreparable damage to the horses and as a consequence are of no use to anyone.

        You mention that it is unfortunate that there is no data for deaths of horses that don’t go to slaughter. In relation to the racehorses, we can thank the racing industry for its refusal to be transparent and disclose ALL of its deaths.

        You mention the euthanasia of horses occurs on the farm, at the house or where the horse is familiar. You failed to mention the unacceptable number of racehorses that are euthanased on the track whilst racing, in training and out the back, sometimes hours, sometimes days later.
        The racehorse sure comes under your category of “familiar” yet you chose not to mention this fact.

        You mention that horse slaughter might be re-introduced in the USA if the pro-slaughter are successful and the anti-slaughter are not. You came across as being somewhat indifferent and yet you claim to be anti-slaughter – no words here of upping the ante, support for those who are campaigning for slaughter to come to an end or that the racing industry should declare no more slaughter for its racehorses.

        You mention that some horses have good outcomes some have bad outcomes and that’s just the way it is. Okay, but again you came across as being accepting of the bad outcomes (slaughter) and you are anti-slaughter.

        With regard to the classification of horses, in my view, any horse that is domesticated is a companion animal. I have no doubt that the unethical racing industry will ensure that the racehorse remains classified as a livestock animal. The politics/corruption and the astronomical amount of money derived from the racing industry’s “much loved horses” literally kills it for the racehorse.

        I also got the impression that you seemed to avoid mentioning horseracing when it was highly appropriate to mention the racing industry given that it is probably the worst, if not the second worst, offender when it comes to horse slaughter.


        1. Amen, Carolyn, you just hit a home run with your post. Let’s see if Mr. Brown comes back with answers/comments.

          Perhaps, when you are immersed in racing, you must “sanitize” the discussion in order to alleviate some of the guilt associated with being part of a killing industry.


        2. thanks for your feedback. The series is not for everybody, I get that. it is designed as an informational piece for those least informed, to try to get them engaged on the issue. I deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff (the slaughter itself) because I honestly think most people don’t want to see that stuff, so they tune out. Also, I did not visit the inside of a slaughterhouse myself, and the majority of the video clips (b roll) is from my own experiences (not the Houston rodeo clips, although I had been to that rodeo when I lived in Houston one winter or a couple of cowboy clips) visiting kill auctions, feedlots, racetracks etc.

          I take a neutral view through the series for a couple of reasons. I wanted people to be informed of the issue from both sides. If we have slaughter, I want people to know why we have it, and who wants it etc. I mention at the beginning I am anti slaughter. I think by providing both sides of the story, people can then make up their own mind. I cannot imagine that anyone who does watch the entire series would come away from it thinking horse slaughter is the right solution to the unwanted horse issue … etc. Quite honestly, the food animal argument is enough to disqualify the horse from the food chain, and I think I make that very clear … but I am sure you know that.

          Regarding the horse sports themselves. I am a believer we need them (eliminating them simply further marginalizes the horse) but we need to improve them for the horse. I have never stated otherwise, and have written plenty of stories to that end. In the video series I do make mention of the racehorse trainer who is a kill buyer, and clearly I don’t make the reference in any positive way (I include images of the guy at Shipshewana).

          And for those who think it is unacceptable for me to pursue my career in horse racing, just a couple of points of clarification. When I did return to horse racing as a full time occupation, it was to do additional research for my book, and I took a 50% pay cut to do it, for 3-4 years. Since that time I have only galloped horses on a part-time basis, as a freelancer, when time permits. It is not my full time occupation (I am a marketing consultant), and certainly not something that would make me hesitate about speaking up about issues (which I have) when I think it is appropriate.

          Anyway, I do appreciate you watching the series, if I did not answer all your questions, concerns, please post.


        3. Carolyn, clearly we have differences in terms of how we would design a video series on the topic of horse slaughter. I did not “forget” to include the gory stuff, I made a deliberate decision. I also did not have any footage of a “glamorous race”, and the series was completed months before the Triple Crown.

          This is my best effort. Perhaps you could design some content on the same subject, that would be helpful. If I like it, I will applaud it, and share it. If I don’t, then I won’t criticize it, because I do not think that helps the anti slaughter cause.


      3. Alex, you either just don’t get it or you are uncomfortable with my questions and comments, I think you are the latter. The topic was horse slaughter and yet you deliberately did not disclose what horse slaughter actually is and that is incomprehensible and negligent. And, apparently, at no point in time was there any footage of a horse race available? How many meetings are conducted each day in America? No, you wouldn’t want to show horses being beaten with whips whilst seriously fatigued, breaking down and being either vanned off or euthanased.
        Seems to me that the comments these other ladies have posted here are TRUE. And to think for many years I thought you were an enemy of the racing industry and an advocate for the racehorse and now I find that this is UNTRUE.
        I have no interest in designing a video series for any topic. Obviously you do not understand what constructive criticism means. Objective thinking intelligent people welcome constructive criticism. As one of the ladies mentioned, anything against the horse racing industry was absolutely taboo on your site and you blocked such persons making such comments – well that speaks volumes! Constructive criticism is immensely helpful for ANY cause and it appears to me that you refuse to accept same which, in my experience, displays arrogance.


        1. There are plenty of horse racing clips in the series, I am sure you saw them, mostly in the first video. I have never been afraid of the truth, nor criticism. You have to have a thick skin when doing this kind of work.


    2. Alex, you say most of the horseracing clips were in Part 1 which I’ve revisited and found the following –
      A brief glimpse of trackwork training
      And a very brief glimpse of only part of one race where it was difficult to see the whipping, as it was from a distance
      In an earlier comment I stated that I could not “recall” a horse race and now I know why I couldn’t recall. However, I apolgise for my statement “And, apparently, at no point in time was there any footage of a horse race available?”

      One only has to read the dialogue between us to realize that you have avoided most of my pertinent questions. You said you hoped this product of yours would create discussion, which it has done, but sadly not a healthy one in my view. And on that note, I have no wish to make any further comments except to leave you with one of my unanswered questions –

      If you are anti-slaughter, wouldn’t the most important argument be the unspeakable inhumane suffering of these horses when slaughtered?


      1. There are about 6-8 racing clips I think. And I do discuss the inhumanity issue, in more detail in part 2 of the series. All the arguments are addressed.


    1. Actually, Alex, I didn’t watch your video series. The reason is quite simple. I have been involved in helping horses, destroyed by your industry, for many years. After all, I have been involved with TB’s since the 1960’s. There is little, if anything, that you could tell me that I don’t already know. Heck, I walked the backside of a low level track for years trying to help the horses dumped by your freaking industry. However, there is one thing that I did learn from you. You came after me a few years ago because I said that Ferdinand had been slaughtered and you said that I needed to say that Ferdinand was “allegedly” slaughtered because the evidence is “anecdotal” and, technically, you are correct. To have irrefutable evidence one would have to enter the freezers at the plants and flip the lips on the severed heads or check the tattoos as the horses enter the slaughter chute. I have a feeling that most people aren’t going to volunteer to identify these horses, but I could be wrong about that. Perhaps you would like to enlighten me.

      Quite a few years ago, I spoke out against the racing industry on your forum and you banned me. That was your favorite thing to do…ban people who spoke the truth. You banned other racehorse advocates, as well. However, it was YOUR forum and you had the right to ban those that didn’t agree with you. Things have now changed. I can speak freely on other blogs about the fact that you participate in an industry that chews horses up and spits them out. Since you are focused on the slaughter issue, let me use basic math to help you, and others, understand the atrocities in racing. As you well know, 20,000 foals were registered last year. That statistic comes from the JC. Patrick Battuello (Horseracing Wrongs) documents that approximately 1,000 die in the dirt on a yearly basis and those are the ones we know about. It does not include those that limp back to their stalls only to be euthanized later so I think we can conservatively add in another 500 horses killed by racing. With 15.000 TB’s going to slaughter every year, we now have 16,500 horses that will be killed in the racing industry which, if my basic math is correct, means that over 80% of the foal crop will eventually end up dead. How do you justify that? The answer is that you can’t. None of the racing apologists can justify that. Of course, let’s not forget the other atrocities and for what? So that some low life can place a $2 bet or get a thrill watching horses put their “lives on the line” every day of the week. Why should horses have to put their “lives on the line”, Alex? So that you and Steve ASSmussen can make a living? By the way, how is good ole ASSmussen doing? Still drugging them and running them? You must be proud to be associated with such a classy guy.

      By the way, if you really want an education, please visit the Horseracing Wrongs FB page and click on the many stories posted there. You might learn some facts about an industry that is sinister and corrupt from top to bottom.


  7. What can I say about Mr. Alex Brown and still keep this post civil? What I can say is that Brown is pro-racing and is, therefore, a mouthpiece for the racing industry. He does focus on slaughter but chooses to ignore the drugs (both legal and illegal), the racing of horses before they are skeletally developed, the joint injections, and the hundreds of horses that die in the dirt every year just so someone can place a bet or have a fun afternoon watching horses being exploited. Oh, and let’s not forget that a few years ago he worked for Mr. Steve ASSmussen who, at one time, had more drug violations against him than any other trainer. I think Mr. Brown is right where he should be…immersed in a sinister and corrupt industry – horseracing!


    1. Mary,
      So if someone isn’t 100% with you, then you are 100% against them? Alex is part of racing industry and part of the effort to end slaughter. Your decision to reject his efforts to end slaughter, and attempts to shame him, only creates a greater divide between racing and aftercare efforts. Good job.


      1. Caitlin…Brown, one who supports and promotes the racing industry – a gambling industry that cripples and kills horses EVERY SINGLE DAY so fans can be entertained and gamblers can get their fix – admits the industry “needs fixing” YET it “cannot be fixed”. And his sanctimonious comment about the “little cooperation” amongst those in the anti-slaughter community?…he must have been looking at himself when those words came to his mind and spilled onto his keyboard. We’ve got true accounts of his “little cooperation”. Direct your comment about not being 100% with another advocate if said advocate doesn’t see things your way where it should be directed – towards Brown! You won’t find a true-blue, 100%-for-the-horses advocate like Mary Johnson who puts her money where her mouth is and DAILY is working towards the rescue of ANY equine in need!…yet her opposition to the abusive racing industry prompted Brown to BAN her from his forum! So put the blame where the blame should be placed!
        No, there’s no “shame” in Mary Johnson and her labors of love for the horses…the shame belongs with Brown and his support of an industry that sees nothing wrong with maiming, killing and butchering its “athletes”. Shame on every single industry member and supporter.


        1. I know I should not respond to this, but I do want to make one thing clear. No one was banned from the forum I managed for disagreeing with me. People were only banned if they broke the few rules that the forum has. Anyone who has run a forum of any scale will understand how tough it is to manage.

          I know there are people who will forever want to dismiss anything I try to do, fortunately it won’t detract from my commitment to what I think is an important issue, that of the slaughter of our horses.


      2. Ms. Taylor, are you kidding me? Who said I was 100% against Brown? I am against his industry. Not too complicated, is it? Brown doesn’t have to be part of the industry in order to put forth an effort to end slaughter. I work to end slaughter on a daily basis and I despise racing. The TB industry breeds, breeds, breeds and then they dump, dump, dump their horses when the horses are no longer productive. Slaughter is the easy way to get rid of those horses who no longer pay their way. Think of a stall at the track as a revolving door. Dump a horse and then fill the space with another one that is more productive. That is the way it works.

        You are correct. Mr. Brown is part of the racing industry….an industry that cripples and kills horses. For all I know, you, too, could be part of that industry. If so, then you, too, are an animal exploiter. Read about the two year olds that drop over dead from a CV event. Anyone, with minimal intelligence, knows that horses aren’t born with cardiovascular disease. Do you think it could have anything to do with the drugs, both legal and illegal? What about racing them as two and three year olds? Of course, you, a Brown supporter, know that horses aren’t developed skeletally until they are six years of age. Maybe you and Brown could join forces and ask the industry to hold off racing those babies for a couple of years!

        I have not made an attempt to shame Mr. Brown but I have spoken the truth. If the truth “shames” him, then so be it. I’ll leave it at this, Ms. Taylor. It’s a damn shame he promotes an industry that he says can’t be fixed…a damn shame.


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