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Here is what caught our attention today concerning horses. Are you ready? There is a lot to get through.


Threat of horse racing shutdown still looming
State officials and stakeholders continue to hash out a deal to keep horse racing running in Pennsylvania, but the threat of a shutdown is still looming.

Horse racing shutdown would be ‘economically damaging’ to breeders
As the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horseman’s Association and state Department of Agriculture try to hash out a deal, local breeders are worried about the future of their industry in the commonwealth.

American Pharoah trainers say decoupling could ‘ruin’ horse racing in Florida
On Monday, Kevin McKathan and his brothers – the family who brought up Triple Crown winner American Pharoah — stepped forward to condemn the latest attempt at gambling expansion. Lawmakers are once again considering decoupling – removing the race requirements for slots and card rooms at pari-mutuels. Racinos and big-name casino companies are doubling down on any Florida politician who gives the idea the time of day.

Weekend Ugliness
In a $4,500 claiming race Saturday at Laurel, 6-year-old Valley Stream finished last of 11, some 40 lengths back. Equibase said he “was under the whip nearing the turn and faltered.” This, by the way, was his 38th time under the whip.
Weekend Ugliness

NY plans end to state-paid tests on Claimers
The state of New York expects to save in excess of $200,000 annually by ending state-funded blood and urine tests of all claimed horses. Once the plan is given final enactment, such tests up to horse purchasers to pay, if they want, to check for the presence of illegal drugs in a claimed horse.
Ah. New York horse racing. These are the same folks who saw nothing wrong in the Peta undercover video that exposed egregious acts of cruelty concerning racehorses. (shamelessly followed later by Kentucky). —Ed.

Logan’s Slogan dead at Finger Lakes
Yesterday, the NYS Gaming Commission disclosed the death of 4-year-old Logan’s Slogan on October 16 at Finger Lakes: “arytenoid chondritis, treated without resolution, resultant edema caused difficulty breathing – euthanized.” In total, this filly was put to the whip eight times, all at cheap Finger Lakes; in her last start on June 4, she finished dead last in a $5,000 claiming race – 27+ lengths back. In other words, “prayers and condolences” from the racing world are not forthcoming.
Logan’s Slogan Dead at Finger Lakes

Jockey Club of Canada Joins Integrity Coalition
The Jockey Club of Canada has joined the Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity, a group that supports federal legislation that would authorize oversight of equine medication, testing, and enforcement. “The border between Canada and the U.S. is one crossed by thousands of racehorses each year,” said Jeff Begg, chief steward of the Jockey Club of Canada. “The members of the Jockey Club of Canada are eager to see medication reforms in the U.S. that will provide certainty and a level playing field no matter what state or track they’re headed to.”
Horse racing integrity coalition? In the U.S.? Concerning doping? Warning: Canada, you are onto a loser there. —Ed.


Show horse butchered near his stall, days after he arrived in U.S.
st days ago, the nearly 1,300-pound, powerful jumping horse with a shiny chestnut coat named Phedras de Blondel arrived at his new home in the U.S., a farm owned by a champion rider in Florida. On Sunday morning, his owner discovered a horrific scene near his stall: the 12-year-old gelding had been slaughtered and butchered, most likely for his meat. Only his head and neck were left intact.


Mexican rodeo is cruel; banning it has nothing to do with immigration
Truth be told, much of Mexican rodeo (charreada) is indefensible. Even Cesar Chavez was a critic. (“In defense of Mexican rodeo,” Op-Ed, Oct. 22). The issue here is not history or culture or tradition but cruelty to animals, all done in the name of sport and entertainment. It needs to stop. Three of the Mexican rodeo’s nine standard events involve roping the legs of running horses. A fourth — steer tailing — is even more brutal. Tails may be broken or torn off and horses may suffer broken legs when the steers run the wrong way. Some “sport.”
Well said. Thank you. Mexican or not, horse tripping is illegal in the State of California. —Ed.


BLM Report Finds 1,700 Wild Horses Sold to Slaughter
According to the Cloud Foundation a BLM report confirms that 1,700 wild horse were sent to slaughter contrary to the terms of the sale. The report names Tom Davis of Colorado as the man who sold the horses. According to the BLM both the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado and the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney’s Office have declined civil and criminal prosecution against Davis. According to the BLM there is no further action that the BLM may take specific to Davis.
Of course we know this. We knew Salazar, Davis & Co would get away with it. Washington names a Special Prosecutor for alleged sexual misconduct between a sitting President and government employee, but the Secretary of Interior can violate federal law that leads to the horrific murder of 1,700 protected Mustangs (and there are probably 1,000’s more) and nothing? —Ed.

Links by Patsy Kelly.
Edited by Vivian Farrell.

Photo Credit: Irish Horses. Google image. Source not known. If it’s yours let us know!

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