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Horse Watch: Interesting Links

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Artwork: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.
Artwork: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Monday, Monday all day long.


The horse news making the rounds the most since last week is still about those 1,700 American Mustangs (there are certainly a lot more than that) sold for slaughter via then U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar and his friend and/or employee, past and/or present, Tom Davis.

If you follow horse issues at all you have seen it, whether it was back when it happened, or its recent re-appearance.

Here’s the best:

Nearly 2000 wild horses sent to slaughterhouse instead of pasture after government sale, probe says
Washington Post

Casualties of the vanishing West: How monied interests are forcefully evicting wild horses
Salon.com — Highly Recommended

Here are other links that caught our interest.


When I think of working horses, it’s not on farms. But it still goes on. —Ed.

Draft horses continue to have important roles in agriculture

“In a changing world of new farming machinery and updated technology, some people still prefer literal horsepower. Prior to the technological boom in recent decades, horses were used for nearly every aspect of fieldwork and transportation. Few draft horses remain in the United States, but their numbers are steadily increasing, according to breeders in Iowa.”



Of course it’s the horses who are the victims. Here is an example how casinos at racetracks are killing off horse racing. —Ed.

Horse racing falls victim to casinos, video gambling, politicians

“Sondra Brown had a way of life. Her way of life was with the horses at Balmoral Park. There was no speech, just a notice pinned to the gates and the barns telling them that Balmoral Park is closing at year’s end, and all people and horses are to be gone.”


Lastly, we share with you a post from Patrick Battuello.

A Tale of Two Sports

“Last night at a football game in Dallas, Seattle Seahawk Ricardo Lockette was injured after colliding with another player on a punt return. As he lay motionless on the turf, a deafening hush fell over the stadium, with players from both sides (as well as the fans) locked in on Lockette, thoughts of paralyzed footballers past inescapably floating in their heads. Turns out, he should be fine. Which, of course, is good news.

“Now, contrast this with what transpired at another sporting venue, Los Alamitos Race Course, just a couple hours later. There, three separate “athletes” – Under the Moon, Abu Dhabi Do, From Here to There – had to be removed from the track via ambulance. It’s a good bet that as you read, at least one is dead. And no one cares.”

There’s more dead. See http://horseracingwrongs.com/2015/11/02/a-tale-of-two-sports/

Please leave a comment and thank Patrick for his hard work. It is not only a gracious thing to do but will also help drive traffic and raise more awareness. —Ed.


• Rescued from slaughter, a horse gives birth to a foal who will never know the cruelty she endured
One Green Planet

• Today Only. We won’t be offering this again.

Get four 3-inch stop horse slaughter decals for the price of three, or $20.97. Buy now. More purchase options and decal application instructions here. Thank you.


Links by Patsy Kelly
Comments by Editor, V. G. Farrell

Featured Image: Wild horses by Sam Harris. See more at http://randyharrisphoto.com/wild-horses/

4 thoughts on “Horse Watch: Interesting Links”

  1. Thanks for all the info, as well… I’m ALSO hoping, wondering about prosecution for Salazar (possible?). As someone mentioned — at the TIME, it was pretty obvious he was involved, the slime. It sickens and saddens me to no end, that tremendous loss of life. In the meantime: 2 Horse Fund “Stop Horse Slaughter” stickers to put on our vehicles, so thanks also for that link!


  2. Ken Salazar: Straight Outta Accountability.

    Every time I turn on the television or browse the internet, whether it’s an issue regarding wild horses or politicians, it is impossible not to read or hear the word “scandal”. It’s constantly in front of us and there is no escaping it! The kind of things that would land ordinary citizens in jail our government officials get away with. Who pays the price? The American people and sometimes even our animals. The dirty cheats don’t give a damn so long as they can milk us of our tax dollars. But you know what people say, “What goes around comes around.” God have mercy on their souls.


  3. When the Tom Davis report surfaced, it was obvious Salazar was Big Time involved. And one wonders why no prosecution for Davis?


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