Sarge, a Mustang Stallion from the Palomino Valley herd area was purchased by nearly $15,000 in a BLM conducted online auction. He will be returned to freedom in a wild horse sanctuary.

Freedom is reason behind $14,825 bid for wild horse

Shame on the BLM for taking nearly $15,000 of horse lovers’ hard earned cash for a Mustang when this rogue agency are known to practically give them away at these so-called adoptions. The people who now “own” Sarge plan to place him in a wild horse sanctuary where he can spend the rest of his days roaming free. —Ed.

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A rosary hangs on the metal bars outside pen 32A where a battered old horse named Sarge is held at the BLM’s Palomino Valley corrals just north of Reno.

Ann Marie Yow placed it there to help her win an auction for Sarge. She and her husband, Curtis Yow, also lit candles at the Catholic church in Virginia City.

“I was praying so hard to God, I was praying so hard to Jesus to please, please help save him,” she said.

After a total of 917 online bids, Sarge was won Tuesday for $14,825.

“It might be a record-breaking bid for an ungentled horse,” said Jason Lutterman of the Bureau of Land Management. “It is a record for adoptions from the Palomino Valley facility.”

“I wanted to win him to keep him safe and for his freedom and to keep him out of the hands of bad people I knew were bidding for him,” Yow said. “I’m a wild horse advocate and I’m doing this for him. He’s been through so much.”

Laura Leigh — founder of Wild Horse Education, a Nevada nonprofit that advocates for the welfare of wild horses — said Sarge was first removed from the range when he was a baby and apparently dumped back in the Fish Creek Horse Management Area near Eureka about age 2 when he became too difficult to handle.

“I’ve known him for years,” she said. “He had mares and every year had beautiful babies on that range. He was a joy to watch and get to know. He has been removed from the range three times in his life, and hopefully now he can find some peace.”

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Sarge the Mustang / Mark Robinson / Reno Gazette Journal

3 thoughts on “Freedom is reason behind $14,825 bid for wild horse”

  1. God bless Ann and Chris for their efforts! I was so heartbroken over Sarge’s situation. He deserved to stay wild, but due to exploitation, he unfortunately can’t. However, these two angels will be giving him the second best thing. I feel so happy and relieved that he will no longer be a victim of selfish pursuits. <3


  2. Credibility takes a flying leap with including Leigh’s “been watching him for years.” Please. She told everyone she was going to adopt him as soon as he was healed. After BLM went to the expense of healing him, she didn’t. She should have taken him as soon as she knew he wasn’t going back and nursed him. And of course, she schemes in to get her name on the ones who actually did step up. What a crock this whole unethical from the gitgo sitation is. More tin pan banging. Come on! Look at it this way – if the redhead had gone through with her “commitment” to keep him free (remember that?) – Anne Marie Yow and Chris Farinton wouldn’t have had to do what they did.


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