Congrats to our “Last Chance Mustang” winners

Last Chance Mustang by Mitchell Bornstein Book Cover. Image:

Congratulations to Erica Cole, Dina D’Argo and Ann Bennett. They are the winners of a first edition copy of “Last Chance Mustang” in The Horse Fund’s most recent Win This Book competition.

Not only that, but as a bonus the author of “Last Chance Mustang” Mitchell Bornstein has signed each one.

We highly recommend this book and encourage anyone who loves horses and stories of redemption to get a copy of this book.

Buy Last Chance Mustang at

I think you will find this book almost impossible to put down once you start reading it. Get it for yourself. Get it for someone who loves horses, is interested in American history and the West, or simply enjoys a good love story (hint).


Book Review: Last Chance Mustang by Mitchell Bornstein; by Vivian Grant Farrell; Tuesday’s Horse, October 25, 2015

Mitchell Bornstein on ‘Last Chance Mustang’; by Donald Liebenson; Chicago Tribune newspaper online; June 25, 2015.

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