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Horse Watch: Your Links for Friday

Here’s what’s out there about horses that caught our attention. Read. Talk!


Florida: Deputies trying to track down men in horse slaughter case

Detectives from the Manatee County Sheriff’s office released pictures of two men and a van. They aren’t considered persons of interest, but detectives hope the men may know what happened to her prized horse, Phedras De Blondel. “You could certainly try and put the puzzle parts together and what could have happened, but you know it’s [about] finding the people,” said Stephens. Stephens had just bought the show horse in Europe.
Two days after arriving at her Palmetto farm, he was found slaughtered near the interstate. Detectives believe he was targeted because of his size and for his meat.

Via Fox 13. Includes update and video report.

Anyone with information on the men, or anything else relating to the case, have been urged to call the sheriff’s office at 941-747-3011, extension 2542 or Crime Stoppers at 866-634-TIPS.

Australia: Stop Horse Slaughter in Australia — Petition

Everyone Has A ‘Sacred Cow’: Horse Slaughter Banned In US

Horse slaughter is effectively banned in the US through a convoluted budget tactic while two bills are pending before the US Congress to make it permanent. The ASPCA and the Humane Society say they oppose horse slaughter because of the cruelty to the animals, but they do not advocate a cow slaughter ban.

Thank you News World India for giving us the opportunity to plug our “Advocate From Your Plate” campaign. Go Vegan y’all. We’ve got info on it right here on Tuesday’s Horse (see navigation bar). I need to be getting busy with more recipes and will be putting together a Thanksgiving feast of ideas. -Ed.


Does a Racehorse Know if He Wins or Loses?

I don’t usually click to read articles with titles such as this one so it’s thanks to Patsy I saw this.

Naturally, I don’t agree with the author who has a PhD in something or other.

As someone who grew up with horses from the cradle and worked many years as a horse racing photographer, horses know when they win. I have noticed at times in a close finish often both horses will prance back thinking they have won.

But of course that is outside America. In America horses are doped to the eyeballs. Who knows what they think or feel.

My former husband over here a couple of months back from Ireland, commented after a visit to a racetrack that American horses act like zombies in comparison to racehorses overseas. Their spirit has been drugged out of them. There is nothing natural about them or their behavior. He was so disgusted he spat on the ground saying he would never attend another race here.

Oh by the way. Don’t be fooled. There is a big difference between racehorses “knowing” they have won and “loving to win” or “loving to race” as horse racing supporters (by that I mean people who make money off of them) try to cram down people’s throats. —Ed.


This Needs to End: 5 Abusive Industries That Harm Horses
Can you guess what they are? I bet you can. Thank you One Green Planet. We love you.

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Editorial Comments by Vivian Grant Farrell

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