Met chief says horses targeted in ‘despicable’ Million Mask violence

Featured Image: Embassy – one of the force’s oldest horses – sustained injuries to his side, fetlock and front leg when startled by a protester throwing a firework. Source: Daily Mail.

Cross-posted from The Guardian

Police chiefs have condemned the “despicable” violence at Thursday’s Million Mask march, in which four police officers were injured and several horses were targeted.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said some protesters had asked others to stop targeting the animals, but he denied that the attacks at the 1,000-strong march were down to the actions of a small minority. He said the march had tied up the resources of nearly 2,000 officers.

“My officers have worked very hard in the face of some incredibly challenging and even violent circumstances,” Hogan-Howe said. “Last night, my officers were well and truly in the front line. Fortunately, the four injured officers are doing OK. The most seriously injured was a mounted officer who was thrown from his horse, Embassy, after they had fireworks thrown at them in the Mall.”

Embassy, one of the force’s oldest horses, was startled and bolted after a firework was thrown, and his rider was taken to hospital with a broken wrist. Six police horses were injured during the violence.

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