Respect 4 Horses/Courtesy of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

Mesa marchers aim to keep Salt River horses free

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Couples holding signs, kids waving banners, moms pushing strollers and teenagers snapping photos marched along a Mesa street Saturday afternoon in support of protecting the almost 100 horses that roam free along the Salt River.

More than 120 participants in the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group’s “Walk for Wild Horses” marched and chanted, “Let them be, keep them free.”

One person dressed as a horse, identified by the name tag: Salty the Horse.

The group’s president, Simone Netherlands, greeted the horse enthusiasts in the parking lot of the Iowa Cafe, located at Higley and Brown roads. The non-profit organization has monitored and campaigned for the Salt River horses for the past 20 years but recently garnered national attention when U.S. Forest Service published a notice in August that the horses would be rounded up and impounded.

The Forest Service delayed the roundup, but the postponement ends Dec. 18, Netherlands said. Continue reading, view photos »

Featured Image: Respect 4 Horses/Courtesy of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

3 thoughts on “Mesa marchers aim to keep Salt River horses free”

  1. It’s nice to see people coming together to support a good cause. :) Out of curiosity, what will next year’s “March For” theme be on?

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    1. Hello Starry. We have been discussing that quite a bit and haven’t yet decided. What would issue would like to see a month long focus on?


      1. Well, as someone who is mostly educated on the issue of wild horses and burros, I believe that would be an excellent topic. Yet again, it’s my understanding that that was the “March For” theme two years ago, but I certainly wouldn’t mind for it to still be this coming years theme, if not, in the following year or so. Another great topic to emphasize is the unfortunate epidemic of horse neglect. Small gatherings can be organized throughout the country and helpful information regarding organizations that give financial aid, take in horses, or provide other forms of support for financially-struggling horse owners can be given out. Awareness can be spread to new or future horse owners about the responsibilities of equine-ownership, how to check for signs of lameness in their animals, and how to ensure that their four-legged friend winds up in a good home if they sell him.

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