Earn money for horses with Clara Hattingdon

Updated! 2:14 a.m.

Clara Hattingdon. (c) Vivian Grant Farrell.
Clara Hattingdon. (c) Vivian Grant Farrell.

Clara Hattingdon wears a Santa Claus-inspired tie-on hat in rich red. Clara’s hat is trimmed in a luxurious band of fluffiness. The bottom of the ties are decorated with some fluffiness too!

Clara also wears a rather impressive brilliant gold jingle bell earring to complete this adorable Christmas time look.

Proceeds from all Hattingdon Horses’ sales from now until the end of the year benefit The Horse Fund’s horse protection work.

Here are a few sample Clara Hattingdon products.

Just Added


GREETING CARD (more options at the shopping link)

Clara Greeting Card
Clara Greeting Card by Hattingdon
Browse more Hattingdon Cards at Zazzle


APPAREL (Shown Here — Ladies L/S Tee. There are 100+ clothing options to choose from!)

Clara Apparel T-shirts
Clara Apparel T-shirts by Hattingdon
View Hattingdon T-Shirts online at zazzle


COFFEE MUG (more to choose from at the shopping link)

Clara Coffee Mug
Clara Coffee Mug by Hattingdon
Design printed mugs online at zazzle.com


Shop Hattingdon Horses at Zazzle.com. Zazzle.com is the leading made-to-order online shopping experience. Zazzle handles great brands such as Disney, Marvel, Hallmark, Google, DC Comics, Harry Potter and more . . . including Hattingdon Horses, of course!

All Hattingdon Horses merchandise is customizable.

Shop Hattingdon Horses »

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