Galloping Horse by Bob Langrish. By Permission.

End of year campaign reports and more

We hope you are having a really enjoyable holiday season.

It’s that time of year when we prepare our end of year reports to send out to our supporters.

Supporters in this instance means those who have donated to these campaigns.

We are beginning work on what are known as our Blue Sheet reports. We expect they will go out no later than mid-January. It is quite a process. Yes, old-fashioned but everyone seems to love them.

If you have not been receiving yours, please make sure we have your correct mailing address.

In the meantime, we will also be posting results of our various campaigns here on Tuesday’s Horse, how effective they have been and what we accomplished — that sort of thing.

Where relevant we will give you a glimpse into what we have in the works for 2016.

We have not decided which issue to focus on for the entire month of March. There is still time to make your suggestions. We would love to hear from you in comments or email us at

Because of the horse meat scandal and the sad lack of progress on this issue we are bringing back our highly successful Horse Meat is Ugly campaign. More on that in the next few weeks.


We have heard a lot of this recently about making donations. You feel it isn’t worth taking the time to make just a $5.00 donation. Many also say you feel like you want to wait until you can give more, that $5 doesn’t seem like very much.

Yes, we receive larger sums. But that is usually via our Development Team. However, $5 donations are our bread and butter and critical to our success. We really do rely on them coming in so please do not hesitate.

Or how about solving both of these issues? Give $5 — or any other amount you choose — a month at a time.

It takes the same few minutes but with one quick extra step — checking a box.

When you make a donation online via PayPal (whom we have safely and happily used since September 2003), they give you the option to make the current amount you are giving a repeating payment, or monthly gift, from that date forward until you cancel it. Just check the box to the right of the amount box.

If you decide to cancel and don’t want to fool with it yourself, shoot us an email and we will cancel it for you right away. Really. I know from personal experience how very frustrating it is to sign up to make a monthly donation and then have to jump through all sorts of hoops trying to cancel it.

If you are interested in helping out with a donation, get started here.

Another way to give in two great ways is by purchasing a horse slaughter stop sign decal.

Thanks everyone!


© Bob Langrish with Gracious Permission

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