Two Horses Found Dead, Shot in Piedmont

Horses Shot in Text
A Piedmont woman is looking for the shooter who gunned down 2 of her horses over the holidays.

SOUTH CAROLINA — She says her horses were like members of the family and she wants to find the person responsible.

Samantha Boccabello says one of her horses was shot on Christmas Eve and a second horse was shot and killed over the weekend

She says this time, she has evidence that whoever shot the horses was on a mission.

“We found marks all over the pasture where it really did look like they were tormented, chased, skid-marks, slide marks, and it was obvious that he struggled.”

The horse owner says she’s offering a reward to anyone with information of who shot her horses.

Samantha says she filed a report with Greenville County to try and find the person responsible for the horses’ death.

7 News reached out to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, but couldn’t get an update.

Go here to watch video report at, CBS Channel 7 News »

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