Swedish rider and friends gorge on her horse’s flesh after he was put down


You’ve probably seen this. We say, horses are not for eating. Full stop. And was she really put down then her carcass delivered to a butcher for cutting up? I say this woman took her to a abattoir where they shot her in the head before carving her up for her. Knowing how they operate she and her friends may have not even been feasting on her own horse. So sick. —Ed.

Via Yahoo Sports UK

Horse on a Fork

Sometimes you are so hungry you say could eat a horse.

But a Swedish rider has caused furore on social media by doing just that when her favourite steed had to be put down after suffering serious injuries.

Harness racer Helena Ståhl turned her one horse – named Iffy Mant – into one course and is now defending her decision to do so after a fierce backlash.

The 24-year-old told Swedish paper The Local: “For me there were no alternatives … to eat an animal that had a good life felt right for me.

“I told my mother that if I could not eat meat from an animal that had a good life, I will never eat meat again. To eat meat from an animal that might never even get to see the sun, nobody thinks is odd. But to eat an animal that you, yourself, have taken care of is suddenly the oddest thing anybody has heard. I think that is scary.”

Ståhl added there was nothing iffy about it – her horse tasted a “lot like beef” and that she and all her friends gorged on the animal.

She said: “They claim it’s the most delicious meat they have ever eaten,” describing how it could be used when making meals such as spaghetti bolognese, tacos or chili con carne.

She added on Facebook: “Maybe it sounds terrible… how I can eat one of my very best friends? Either I ate her up, or the worms did it.”

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9 thoughts on “Swedish rider and friends gorge on her horse’s flesh after he was put down”

  1. all the folks who think its horrible; are you vegetarians? if not you have no right. I am a vegetarian and I think what she did is right, if the story is true; it is the best way to honor her favorite steed and to not waste a life. people who eat meat but who put a hierarchy life on who deserves to be eaten are horrible and hypocrites

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    1. I’m a vegetarian but I do not agree with what she has done. The horse, like any beloved pet, should’ve been given the proper burial–I don’t care how big the hole has to be. I find this story very sickening.


  2. Disgusting Helena should be banned from competition forever. She has no empathy what so ever and is a risk to humans. The racehorse, Exceller, was sold to a Swedish farm then slaughtered. Derby winner, Ferdinand, was sold to a Japanese farm and later slaughtered also. This happens because animals are considered commodities.

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  3. Just proves that her “favorite” horse was a favorite only as long as Stahl was benefiting from the horse’s work. So why wouldn’t this meat on the hoof become meat on the plate?

    Asshats abound all over the world.

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