Help spread the word about horse slaughter

A recent conversation with one of our hard working supporters brought home a very surprising fact. Most Americans are not aware of horse slaughter.

We are working in selected States on the horse slaughter issue and while raising support for legislation to ban it, are hearing that there are still plenty of people who have no idea that horses are killed for their meat.

We ask your help in getting the message out.

There are two things you can do.

Horse Slaughter Stop Sign. Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell. © The Horse Fund.

1. Buy and display a horse slaughter stop sign decal.

Three inch decals are $6.99 each and four inch decals are $7.99 each. This includes shipping and handling.

2. Make a donation any amount right now to help us raise more awareness and get horse slaughter outlawed.

Yes, more Americans are aware of horse slaughter than ever because of the good work we have already done, but there is still a lot more to do.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Help spread the word about horse slaughter”

  1. Ditto to all you say, and the above comments… I’m always surprised at the lack of information/knowledge regarding the sheer amount of animals slaughtered from the racing industry (it’s an industry, after all). Not to forget the carriage horses, the list goes on…. As soon as I get my decal on my car, I’ll send you a picture representing the state of Georgia and our own rescue racehorses. Thanks so much for all you do to raise awareness, and help these amazing creatures.


  2. It’s also important to remind people that the horse racing industry disposes of many of it’s horses when no longer profitable.
    Many end up at kill auctions, and subsequently the slaughterhouse.
    Stop supporting this horrific industry.
    Thanks Vivian and all others for all the hard work you do to help the horses. Let’s make 2016 a year of educating people about the horrors of horse racing. That’s my focus.


  3. This is spot-on! As the Massachusetts state coordinator for “Americans Against Horse Slaughter”, I’ve long been aware that the number one priority is in communicating that some 100K US horses ship to slaughter in Mexican plants annually, and that a similar number ship to Canadian plants.
    The essential (and ethical) point here is that the wormers and topical products, etc used for maintaining N.American horses are neither tested or approved for use on animals intended for human consumption. Shame on our leaders and our government agencies for allowing the unsafe and toxic meat of N. American horses to be consumed by Canadian and Mexican shoppers. Some 150K US horses shipped to slaughter for human consumption in Mexican plants in 2015, and those consumers trust that this meat was regulated and safe for human consumption. They are grossly misinformed, and to their peril.
    The US is allowing a wholly unethical industry, and that colors every product and crop that the US produces.
    Shame on us. See the export figures for US horses to Mexico, just part of the deadly, unethical horse slaughter industry in N.America:

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  4. I want SEVERAL of these stickers but do not use pay pal. Can’t you please make it available to me other than pay pal. I am a horse owner, lover and supporter and want slaughter stopped. Can’t display a sticker if I don’t have one and won’t get one or anything thru pay pal. Thanks for your help.

    Bea Gobee There is a wonderful, beautiful STAR IN THE SKY, who carries the name BARBARO that is FOREVER, shining down on us and will NEVER, EVER go away. We treasure that star. Grandma Bea, Ladee Elizabeth, Remington Barbaro, Bashful, Mazda and Barbaro’s Revenge (Revi) Gobee


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