Premarin Horse. Google image.

Calling everyone against horse slaughter who reside in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Louisiana

Through the hard work and dedication of anti slaughter advocates in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Louisiana we have collected letters taking a stand against horse slaughter from key decision makers and community and business leaders.

Now it is time for you, the citizens of these States, to get involved. A grassroots movement is critical to our success. The horses must have your voice.

Send us an email via the Contact Form below stating you do not want horses slaughtered in your State or transported through it for the purposes of slaughter. With that statement, provide us with your full name and mailing address plus your email address. This information is required by your State Legislators to verify you as a constituent.

If you wish to elaborate why you support a ban on horse slaughter please feel free to do so.

The constituent email letters we gather will be used for the purpose of submitting a list of State residents opposed to horse slaughter to use with the letters mentioned above for the purpose of getting a law passed in each one.

I support any and all legislative activities banning the slaughter of horses and the transport of horses for the purposes of slaughter in our State thereby making horse slaughter illegal.

Fill out the form below, completing it by copying and pasting the Statement above in the Comment Section. Note: Providing your email address here signs you up for nothing!

• Please share and spread the word.

Please help support this movement for buying and displaying our anti horse slaughter sticker wherever you live.

• Lobbying expenses are high. A donation is always greatly appreciated.

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