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It’s time to dismantle the BLM, a criminal enterprise

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It’s time to dismantle the BLM, an agency that follows no barrier of law.

This agency has been one of the more corrupt Federal agencies ever since it’s founding by President Harry Truman in 1946.

In their tenure over public lands, they have done more to destroy watershed than protect it, their incompetence as an agency of government has been unprecedented, and they have allowed cattle and sheep to overgraze the land to the extent that much of our range lands are today closer to wastelands.

They have pitted cattle and sheep ranchers against the American wild horses and burros for grazing rights while making secret deals to sell wild horses and burros to slaughterhouses in the U.S. (before they were shut down) and later to slaughterhouses in both Canada and Mexico or illegal slaughterhouses that still are operating in the U.S.

Adopt a Mustang written on the hind quarters of a wild horse. BLM image.
Adopt a Mustang written on the hind quarters of a wild horse. BLM image.

This agency has been involved in knowingly fraudulent adoption schemes and fictitious “sanctuary” herds to facilitate the needless removal of horses off the range.

This has left us, we the people, no option but to dismantle the BLM.

It’s time to shut down this criminal enterprise and perhaps transfer these lands to the states with agreements that the wild horses and burros are to remain free protected and unmolested.

BLM employees and contractors have been the driving force behind the horse-to-slaughter program, which has been ongoing since the 1980s and possibly even prior.

This has been demonstrated by the criminal prosecutions of horse theft and sales to slaughterhouses by such cases as have been filed in Texas, Wyoming, Oregan, and Utah. But none have been filed in Colorado, which has been the hotbed of agency corruption.

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6 thoughts on “It’s time to dismantle the BLM, a criminal enterprise”

  1. I see a lot of support but it seems to me that the concerns are argumentative…BLM & it’s “immenate domain” clause is unjustified no matter who, where or any reason that has been claimed…add to that how much BLM land infringes on many Native American “Reservations”
    { a ufamisiam that is wrong unto ITS SELF } as well as many “fueds” over governing bodies such as “traditional” versus “the youth of Natives” over land rights…in this interest I’m pretty sure the ONLY party that will be coersed will be people who are supporting indigenous species & are themselves indigenous people of America & THAT is FU¢K€D !!! Screw the Feds, they only do what benefits themselves some how. Just because you have $ does NOT mean you have the right to determine whether what you WANT is good for the environment or its people. Shame On You !!! This matter has been SO misinterpreted that the PEOPLE who are confused the most are the people who are impacted the MOST !!! BLM looks out for they’re OWN interests they are NOT helping those that need their help just the opposite as a matter of FACT. Govering bodies cover they’re own asses, no one else & it is ALL WRONG !!! But don’t FORGET who is screwing who in this cluster F¥¢K…it’s always gonna be shirts versus skin~it’s up to YOU to decide what “team” you decide to support~Nature or the comfort of fat cats in D.C….


  2. It needs to be cleaned up. I’m afraid that if they did get rid of it the horses would be turned over to the states as stated in Obamas 2017 Budget. In doing so there is a much greater chance of the horses going extinct.

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  3. The only Presidential Candidate for 2016 who TRULY cares about Animal Welfare is Bernie Sanders (according to The Humane Society Legislative Fund) He scored 100 pts. The other candidates failed 2 even score in the upper level of the compassion index. Just sharing this info with all of you.. You can google this 4 info… The world (& society) is whacked now.. I will do whatever I can, 2 save the innocent ones from such horrible, inhumane treatment. They deserve our utmost respect & we MUST speak up for them..


  4. 100% agree with this article. The BLM is paid for by taxpayers like you, and me. However, they are run by ranchers with little regard for the land, and wildlife.
    It’s time to tell the BLM to start listening to all taxpayers not just ranchers. It’s time to get rid of them.
    I encourage everybody who cares about the land to GO VEGAN.
    People often criticize me and say, “what does veganism have to do with protecting our lands?”
    It has everything to do with it because if we stop eating animals then ranchers are out of business and they won’t require the land to graze animals destined for plates.
    It’s just that simple.
    Watch COWSPIRACY on Netflix. It’s shows the environmental destruction of an animal-based diet and these land issues are totally connected and supported by these diets.


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