It's Past Time to End Horse Slaughter

It’s past time to end horse slaughter. Spread the word.

Yes indeed, it’s past time to end horse slaughter. We have been working long and hard in the field to get this accomplished.

Many of you reading this right now have been with us every step of the way and have devoted your time and resources to get it done.

Amazingly there are still plenty of people, in the US and abroad, who have no idea horses are slaughtered for their meat for people to eat.

We were so stunned how many people still don’t know about horse slaughter, we are back out taking this message to the public again. We are learning a lot. Just listen.

Among those who say, yes, they have heard of it, a surprising number go on to say, “Oh, that ended a long time ago.” Or, “They’re still killing horses in Canada some, but not our horses any more. That got banned.”

So you can see, we still have a lot more work to do.

We are asking this today. Would you please purchase and display a horse slaughter stop sign decal.

Imagine how many people will see it on your car, or even in the window of your house or garage.

Here’s the link to our website where you can order and also find application instructions.

Order your 4 inch decal stickers here ($7.49 including s&h).

Or order your 3 inch decal stickers now here. ($6.99 including s&h).

If you already have decal stickers, thank you for ordering! Please send us a picture.

If you would like to donate to sponsor decals for us to give to horse charities and rescues and put out door hangers in key States please use this link.

Horse Slaughter Stop Sign. Artwork by Vivian Grant Farrell. © The Horse Fund.

Oh, and before you go, how about making the horse slaughter stop sign your profile picture on Facebook like we have? And retweet till you can tweet no more!

Thank you everyone.

Note: We are getting low on the 4 inch decals. Please email us before ordering to ensure you get what you want. We have plenty of the 3 inch decals.

2 thoughts on “It’s past time to end horse slaughter. Spread the word.”

  1. This horrific inhumane killing of these sentient living creatures must be outlawed NOW. The shipping of horses to other countries for slaughter must also be outlawed NOW!

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