Who made these horse hair boots?

Horse hair boots? That's what was tweeted. Origin of this image unknown. Do you know?
Horse hair boots? That’s what was tweeted. Origin of this image unknown. Do you know? The little graphic lower right probably a clue.

We have seen this photo around social media labeled horse hair boots.

If you have seen it too and know where it comes from please let us know.

We are also looking for someone who works in the fashion industry who knows about textiles to please contact us to answer a few questions. We are simply seeking a few clarifications. Nothing sneaky or snoopy.

If you know someone like this ask them if they would be willing to help out.

A shout out to the photographer too. Did you take this picture? What publication? Just curious.

If you can help please email us or use our contact form.

7 thoughts on “Who made these horse hair boots?”

  1. These boots are cowhide (the image name is piel vacuna.jpg.- literally cow skin).

    But pony skin is horse hide, and we know where that comes from.

    Fashion. Kills.


    1. Thanks Faith. You are spot on. And an industry worker contacted us not too long ago and said exactly what you said. It is from a cow’s hide dyed to make it look like it is pictured here.


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