Vote! U.S. horse racing: Should it be banned — yes or no.

Some people say that U.S. horse racing is downright criminal and it should be banned. Period.

Others think that U.S. horse racing should be allowed to police itself and continue as is.

A few – but not many – still believe it can be reformed. Many say it is way too late and let’s take a firm stand for the horses and get rid of it.

What about the horses? They are the only innocents.

So, what do you think? Please vote and make a comment.

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Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Vote! U.S. horse racing: Should it be banned — yes or no.”

  1. It is “inverted reality”, idiotic, moronic, and simply inhumane to say you love animals (any animal) and support horse racing. My mission now is to report facts and the deaths associated with the viles of the horseracing industry and win over the souls of people who are new to the industry and don’t have a clue. Educate our youth!!! Also, it’s about exposing the horsemen responsible for race horse death on and off the track!!!

    People who are in this industry for any period of time and know about the drugs, death, whipping, racing as early as 2 years old, injuries, and slaughterhouses involved with this heinous barbaric activity don’t deserve my energy or time. I have no use for these people. I don’t even acknowledge the stupidity of those who support an industry that exploits animals for profit. Think about it (if you have half a brain and not zombified yet). Horses + racing + winning at all costs + profit = barbarism because animals die and get injured and humans are responsible! Horsemen and spectators alike are all willful participants to it. Horse racing kills!!! Death will never stop until horse racing stops at the track!

    The horse (a prey animal) has no choice but to race or they die — it’s just a matter of time if they die before or after the race, or become injured or slaughtered. What a grave existence for these beautiful creatures! Thank you Tuesday Horse for all you do to educate and expose the evil associated with horse racing!!!


  2. There was no place for comments. I’m an avid horse race fan, and have been for most of my 69 years. Yes, there are problems; there are abuses, and I’m all for cleaning those up. We need to make the sport safer for the horses, and for the jockeys. There MUST be a way, short of banning the races! I live in Louisville, KY, and have my whole life, so for me, Churchill Downs and Keeneland, and the Derby, etc. are important parts of my life. When I see a horse go down, I am broken-hearted! But in England and France, not that many horses go down on the flats. The difference? Drugs. In my opinion, even Lasix should be outlawed, unless the horse has a proven record of bleeding problems. No Lasix at all for young horses, as I believe it leads to weakening of the bones, and possibly to heart problems too. And the trainers who routinely administer what many refer to as “magic carrots” need to be stopped, their licenses suspended. I LOVE horses. That is what got me interested in horse racing in the first place. There HAS to be a way to save the sport AND the horses. Sincerely, Suzanne Hurst.

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    1. Suzanne, take a good look at what your supporting.

      First of all, there is no vested interest within the industry to eliminate doping including Lasix. It has been discussed for years, and nothing ever changes. The same multiple drug violating Trainers will have their horses enter the gate on Derby Day.

      Second, the entire business model is based on the exploitation of a sentient being for profit.

      Thirdly, the entire life cycle of a racehorse is to serve, and be exploited for profit from birth to death.

      If you loved horses then you wouldn’t support this industry of ongoing abuse, maiming, and killing.


      1. Save it Gina. You and I want to stop activity that kills animals. People like Suzanne can’t be helped or persuaded. She has been a willful participant of barbarism and death for over 69 years and looks forward to events that have claimed so many beautiful horses in Kentucky. She says she is broken hearted when a horse break down and dies yet still supports the very action that took its life. For only a zombie would be justified in that moronic thinking. Educate the youth as much as you can. People like Suzanne are hopeless. I’ve learned that being nice about it isn’t productive. We must be as hardcore in our fight to save as they (like Suzanne) are hardcore in killing our God-given horses.


    2. Get rid of being allowed to run on Bute. All it does is mask a disaster waiting to happen. Half of those poor animals would still be alive cause they would never make it past the State vet. Bute is legal and a huge problem. All it does is mask pain and allow a horse to run despite hurting.


  3. Horse racing is a far cry from fancy hats, and mint juleps on Derby day. In actuality, horse racing is a cruelty circus where thousands of horses are maimed, and killed every year filling races for $2 bets.

    Most racehorses end up in the claiming ranks running for their lives, some repeatedly doped up to keep them running, and many are whipped/beaten to perform better.

    If they are lucky enough to make it out alive then kill auctions, and subsequently slaughterhouses are bound to follow.
    Very few are lucky enough to get a dignified retirement.

    After being used, abused, and exploited for racing, then the successful mares (female horses) continue the cycle of servitude as they become virtual breeding ovens for the industry. Just the other day, a top level stake mare that made over $200,000 was bred for 16 years!? Can you imagine being forcibly bred for 16 years. Her reproductive system was so spent that it probably caused her death while giving birth!

    The successful males become sperm banks for the industry as their servitude continues as well.

    The result of this further exploitation off the track is another profit slave (a foal) that continues the cycle on the cruelty oval as they too run for their lives just like their broodmare and sire.

    Don’t let the industry fool you with all their aftercare programs presenting it as the catch all solution to unwanted thoroughbreds (OTTB’S). Most aftercare programs have caveats, very specific caveats that many racehorses do not meet. Moreover, if they do meet the specified criteria most of them are FULL they have NO VACANCIES.

    We have contacted 4 major aftercare agencies in 4 different states (Florida, Pennyslvania, California, West Virginia) and none of them are taking any racehorses. They are over loaded now and can’t find homes for them.

    So although the racehorse industry funded aftercare programs do save some it has never and will never be enough because they have to fill races for $2 bets.

    The industry is breeding anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 foals on average in North America. Just think about that. The numbers are astounding when you figure that there are thousands now that can’t find homes. Essentially, they are a huge part of the unwanted horse problem.

    The slaughterhouse is an environmental disaster. Some of us have photos of the BLOOD PONDS outside of Calgary Alberta, and of course the under cover investigation tapes of the main slaughterhouse in Quebec Canada and Mexico.

    Not only is the process of killing a racehorse horrific and inhumane, these slaughterhouses create environment epoch disasters anywhere they are located.

    From the start to the finish this business is a negative. It’s an antiquated business model that exploits innocent sentiment beings for profit. That exploitation starts as a foal and continues throughout the life cycle.

    Please support DECOUPLING, help CANCEL the Interstate Horse Wagering Act, and don’t watch or bet on horse races.

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