Horses begin their annual return to Mackinac Island

I love how they make it sound like it’s the horses’ idea! What they should say is that people are beginning their annual return of horses to Mackinac Island. And no, we are not against everything, just most things. —Editor.

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They say:

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI — Teams of horses began to return to Mackinac Island this week, a sign that the tourism season is near.

Island residents and workers began snapping photos of the majestic procession and posting them on various Facebook pages.

About 500 horses work on the island during the busy tourism season. When it’s over, all but about 20 are ferried off the island to farms on the mainland.

Boats with the Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry line transport many of the animals in the lower level of the vessels.

We say:

Why don’t they have them on deck where they can enjoy the scenery and inhale the fresh air. What about the 20? Don’t they ever get to leave? Or are they in some kind of rotation?

They say:

The horses are used to pull carriages and taxis as tourists swarm the island.

We say:

We get it.

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2 thoughts on “Horses begin their annual return to Mackinac Island”

  1. As long as all of the horses get good treatment in every way during the tourist season, then I think it’s a good idea! The horses might like the change of pace from farm work to driving work each season!!


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