Emergency responders rescue nearly 100 horses trapped in high water near a Houston-area stable

Cross-posted from KHOU-TV

HOUSTON – Emergency responders helped to rescue nearly 100 horses trapped in high water near a Houston-area stable where flooding nearly reached the roofs of some buildings.

People driving by on a road near the flooding around Cypress Trails Equestrian Center on Cypresswood Drive stopped to yell encouragement to animals struggling to keep their heads above water Monday.

The horses were seen trying to get over what appeared to be a flood-inundated fence in the area near Cypress Creek.

Harris County officials called the Texas Animal Health Commission to get a rescue team to the stables just north of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. A number of roads near the airport were flooded Monday.

Around 2 p.m. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett posted this updated to his Facebook page:

    For those of you that may have seen the news reports of horses trapped in the water at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center, all but a few of the horses have been rescued or have been seen on higher ground. 3 or 4 are still loose but don’t appear to be in grave danger.

Witnesses say there are still residents swimming and wading through high water in the area to help the remaining horses.

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Featured Image Source: NewsUnited.com

3 thoughts on “Emergency responders rescue nearly 100 horses trapped in high water near a Houston-area stable”

  1. Our dominion at its best and only use – protecting and ensuring the sety and comfort of our nonhuman friends. Beautiful story. Some horses lost their fight and for those spirits, we grieve. Some humans lost their fight too. These acts of Mother Nature test us all.


  2. Thank you to Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett and the officials.
    Thank you to Texas Animal Health Commision.
    And a big thank you to those residents for their love and concern for these horses. People putting their lives at risk – hope all these residents are also safe and well!
    Such an inspiring story TH and one’s faith is restored in humanity.


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