Back in Dixie killed at Keeneland — “The bone had separated . . .”

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Friday’s 9th race at Keeneland was a $100,000 Grade 3. In other words, the kind of race that typically garners press coverage.

Owing to such coverage, we now know that one of those under the whip that evening, a 4-year-old filly named Back in Dixie, broke [down] then was euthanized. Dead. (Much as they’d prefer to ignore such unpleasantries, the beat writers are almost forced to acknowledge deaths in big races. How unfortunate, though, for dead animals tend to mar otherwise happy recaps.)

The Lexington Herald-Leader’s account included jockey Channing Hill’s description of and reaction to Back in Dixie’s death:

    “. . . it really felt like someone grabbed me, like grabbed my hind end because she kind of stumbled. By the third step I knew…the bone [had] separated. She just showed her class by keeping herself up. This is absolutely heartbreaking. You don’t get too many classy mares that are this nice. This is the worst part about the game, especially the horses that give you everything.”

    “showed her class by keeping herself up”

    “absolutely heartbreaking”

    “don’t get too many classy mares that are this nice”

    “worst part about the game”



Malbros “broke down” in the 7th at Charles Town – confirmed dead.

Valiant Quiz “pulled up distressed” in the 6th at Fonner.

Bank Robber “fell, vanned off” in the 5th at Los Alamitos.

Deliverance Day “bled” in the 8th at Mountaineer.

Jesse Jr First Down “vanned off” in the 8th at Remington.

Eyesa Pretty Wagon “fell, vanned off” in the 11th at Remington.

El Wedo Valiente “vanned off” in the 1st at SunRay.

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