Conrad Burns: Wild horse enemy and author of deadly amendment that bears his name dead at 81

Emily Langer reporting on the death of former U.S. Senator Conrad Burns for The Washington Post writes:

“Conrad Burns, a onetime cattle auctioneer who parlayed his down-home appeal into three terms as a Republican senator from Montana, reaping federal dollars for his state as well as criticism for his impolitic, at times offensive, off-the-cuff remarks, died April 28 at his home in Billings, Mont. He was 81.

“The cause was complications from a stroke in 2009, said a daughter, Keely Godwin.

“Mr. Burns served from 1989 to 2007 in the Senate, where he made “weighty speeches on foreign policy and the future of the Internet,” it was observed in the Almanac of American Politics, even while cutting “the figure of a stereotypical Westerner, picking his teeth with a pocketknife, chewing tobacco, telling deadpan jokes.”

“He lost his seat in 2006 to a Democratic challenger, then-state Senate President Jon Tester, after revelations that Mr. Burns had received $150,000 in campaign contributions — among the highest amounts of any member of Congress — from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associates.”

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The above gives you an idea of who Burns is if you didn’t know already. The rest of the story doesn’t mention his deadly relationship with America’s Mustangs.

Horse lovers know Mr. Burns as the author of the hideous Burns Amendment that doomed thousands of America’s wild horses to the slaughterhouse using devious methods and underhanded tactics to get it passed.

Read about Burns’ actions and his thoughts about them in a Tuesday’s Horse post from September 15, 2009.

• Read about one of the many destructive repercussions of the Burns Amendmment in “BLM Auctioning American Icons in Online Mustang Sale.”

Sen. Conrad Burns in his Capitol Hill office in 2005. (Adele Starr / Associated Press)

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12 thoughts on “Conrad Burns: Wild horse enemy and author of deadly amendment that bears his name dead at 81”

  1. Unfortunately, Jon Tester is not much better than Burns. A friend of wolves Tester is not, as he was the main one to undo federal protection of wolves in Montana that dominoed to other states. I wrote him that he didn’t deserve to win in his re-election as a Democrat. He responded that I didn’t know about the problems of ranchers. That’s how both of them think — profit motive is the driver.

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  2. I’m relieved that he cannot do anymore harm, but what’s saddening is when people die without feeling guilt for their wrongs and changing their life around. What would have been a cause for celebration would be Burns feeling deep remorse for his actions and dedicating the rest of his life towards trying to undo the damage he has done.

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  3. No big loss. I hope his punishment in Hell is shoveling horse shit from all the mustangs that died because of him. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crooked piece of shit…………..

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  4. And let’s not forget Mr. Burns was a lobbyist in Congress for the AQHA for horse slaughter to bring it back into the U.S.

    Conrad Burns, Lobbyist and Former U.S. Senator (R-Montana)

    During the 109th Congress, Burns slipped language—at the request of Harry Reid—into the 2005 Consolidated Appropriations Bill Conference Committee Report, which overruled key sections of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. The language remained in force through three successive bills, sending untold thousands of wild horses and burros to their deaths.

    In September 2006, he was named as one of the twenty most corrupt members of Congress in the second annual report of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

    Since 2008, Burns has been a lobbyist for the American Quarter Horse Association. in 2010, 70,000 Quarter Horses were shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, constituting a staggering 70% of all breeds slaughtered.

    Article: How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse?;

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