C’mon Paulick — Who’s really killing who in horse racing?

More tragedy on an American racetrack, this time killing a horse and a rider.

Social media pundits who cover horse racing in America have become as repugnant as horse racing itself. But this particular piece of coverage is the recent winner of the “You Disgust Me” Stakes.

Patrick Battuello of Horse Racing Wrongs brings the following to our attention.


Last month, a 2-year-old racehorse named Czech Revolution “broke down” – snapped both front legs, a la Eight Belles – while training at Delta Downs. Dead.

But this, of course, is not what made this story newsworthy to the Racing press – after all, Czech was no fallen “star.” What did was that the rider also died (when the horse came down atop). Anyhow, one of the rags, the Paulick Report, ran this loathsome headline:

“Louisiana Exercise Rider Killed by Horse . . .”

“Killed by Horse,” Mr. Paulick?

Well – let’s set this straight: The killing, here, was done by the industry; the killed, in the first place, was the horse. That primary tragedy, in turn, begot a secondary one. (Just to be clear: My use of the words primary and secondary is in no way meant to imply that the horse’s life was more important than the human’s.)

So, Mr. Paulick, this is how your headline should have read:

“Horseracing Kills (Another) Horse – Responsible for Rider’s Death, Too”

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2 thoughts on “C’mon Paulick — Who’s really killing who in horse racing?”

  1. There are no limitations to the continued disrespect, cruelty, and abuse of the racehorses whom the industry exploits.

    Let’s be clear here. Profit is the main motivating factor as racehorses are turned into virtual profit slaves for this cruelty circus.

    It only stands to reason that the racetrack, and connections are concerned about a civil litigation wrongful death lawsuit which is why the industry places the blame on the horse taking the focus away from where it belongs.

    Any connections that have a racehorse die in their care should be immediate legal grounds for not only animal cruelty charges, but suspension from training, and racing a horse.

    So why don’t they do that?

    Well, the answer is obvious. They don’t care. Since the standard racing stable operating procedures are doping, dumping, and possible death then there would be few horses to fill races, and increase profit.

    Czech Revolution, you are at peace now away from the hell hole that you, unfortunately, were born into.

    Shame on this industry, and anybody who participates, invests, and/or supports it.

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