Chuck Borell charged with animal cruelty for abandonment of horses in Kentucky

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Officials with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture June 29 charged Chuck Borell, the father of trainer Maria Borell, with 43 counts of second-degree cruelty to animals in connection with the abandonment of horses in Central Kentucky.

According to Dr. Robert Stout, the Kentucky state veterinarian, Chuck Borell was taken into custody and turned over to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.

Chuck Borell showed up at the Mercer County farm June 29, but was unable to gain access because the gates were locked.

Because the state agriculture department’s investigator on the case had not completed his paperwork, additional details of the charges or what led to them were not immediately available.

“Though the owner of the horses is believed to be either Maria Borell and/or her father, for months the pair have pointed fingers back and forth regarding the ownership status of the horses, as well as who is responsible for their care,” US Racing reported.

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Maria Borell displays her tattoo of Sunday Silence at the Breeders’ Cup. Image via The Washington Post.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Borell charged with animal cruelty for abandonment of horses in Kentucky”

  1. Horse racing and Dog racing need to be banned. Not only are these gentle animals which feel love and pain, abused, shot up with so many different drugs prior to racing to kill their pain, neglected, repeatedly hit or shoved, smacked, left stuck in a stall or a damn cage until “their most tortuous day”. Race day.

    We hear about how they run till they drop from exhaustion, an untreated infection, fractures that are taped and injected with steroids just for the sake of money and a worthless persons notoriety who upon hearing their horse has died suddenly- react with shock and dismay. Bull.

    Owning an Animal isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. What these animals suffer for others entertainment is deplorable and speaks to the type of society we have created. If u think our Society is gd? Then u need to open your eyes.

    By now we as a collective species should comprehend the wrong in the need to control and force any animal for a few greedy bastards.


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