Bronco horse throws rider at the Calgary Stampede. Unattributed Google search result.

Calgary Stampede sends cast-off horses to slaughterhouse

The facts coming out about the Calgary Stampede get grimmer and grimmer. You can add slaughter to the list of the Stampede’s crimes against horses. Not that this is a surprise to anyone. The surprise is that the Stampede veterinarian himself admitted it.

Back in 2012 CTV News reported that the Stampede admittedly send horses to slaughter.

“For the first time, the Calgary Stampede is admitting that horses that don’t make the cut to compete in the famous rodeo are sent to an Alberta slaughterhouse for meat.

Nearly 100,000 horses are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada every year. Horses that fail to qualify for the stampede are among them, stampede officials admitted.

Every year at the Calgary Stampede ranch, horses are bred and trained to become the top bucking horses in the world.

Of the 500 horses at the ranch, some will go on to compete in the annual stampede, others will be sent to smaller rodeos throughout North America and others will see a less glorious fate.

Those who fail to make the grade are sent to a slaughterhouse in Fort McLeod where they are killed for meat, most of which is exported.

Greg Evans, the veterinarian for the stampede, told CTV News that close to 20 horses will be sent to the slaughterhouse each year.”

Of course it isn’t the horses’ fault if they do not make the cut and consequently sent off to a grisly end in an abattoir. It is said by their owners that the training they are given — admittedly brutal — makes the horses scared and dangerous to be around, making them unsuitable for re-homing elsewhere.

Is it possible they can be rehabilitated? Perhaps. Most abused animals can — given time and patience.

In comments to the article Cindy Bray states:

“Semi-feral horses should not be a problem considering completely feral horses can be domesticated. This is how the west was won. Shame on the Calgary Stampede, your ignorance is showing again. . .”

But why bother to try when you can dump them in a slaughterhouse and stick some cash in your back pocket to boot. The broncos who are injured? Yep, off to the slaughterhouse they go too.

It is heartbreakingly obvious that horses who are bred to be broncos for rodeos such as the Calgary Stampede have little to no hope in hell from the time they are foaled until the time they die of having even a hint of a decent life. It is full from beginning to end with pain, suffering and brutality.

In another comment Felicia MacEachern states:

“I testify for hundreds of people in North America who rescue ex-race horses of all breeds from slaughter to re-train for rodeo competitions, because we have passion for these animals!”

What? Can you imagine surviving horse racing and then be put to work in a rodeo?

The Calgary Stampede rodeo runs July 8 – 17

Blood is on the hands of every person who buys a ticket to the Calgary Stampede or any rodeo.

Do you know of a success story of a former bronco horse who has been rehabilitated and given a decent shot at life? We would love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Stampede discounts admission to boost attendance; CTV Calgary News; July 14, 2016

Unattributed Google search result.

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