Horse racing Australia. Unattributed Google search result.

Hidden camera footage shows former racehorses being killed

This video is important for people who believe that racehorses enjoy pampered lives and end their days leisurely munching in fields of green, lovingly attended to.

Captured on film in Australia. Warning: Disturbing Footage.

Unattributed Google search result.

17 thoughts on “Hidden camera footage shows former racehorses being killed”

  1. That is so heartbreaking and it will not stop! Those horses are still undeveloped babies out out to try to make money for someone who don’t care one bit for it. Yes, it’s a cruel world and won’t get any better! I feel so sorry for the horses!!!


  2. This footage was taken at Laverton Knackery, just outside of Melbourne. (This knackery has now closed down).

    Ex-racehorses were only a percentage of the equines slaughtered at LPS. The vast majority of horses/ponies slaughtered at LPS were ‘refuse’ from the wider equine community – unwanted minis which had been bred to excess, old pony club horses, aged/injured show horses, you name it.

    To look at the horses/ponies in the yards at LPS was to witness the deplorable lack of responsibility of the WHOLE equine community and the ‘throw away’ mentality that we have over here. Every discipline of the horse world was represented in those yards.


      1. It’s a necessary evil here… the knackeries are simply cleaning up the discarded equines who have been let down by their owners. It’s the circumstances that lead to owners selling to the knackery that need addressing.


        1. Knackeries are in business no doubt because of these types of horse owners. You can’t make people care.

          The other reason is because people want to eat horse meat. Horses who don’t have enough meat on their bones for that are killed and salvageable parts sold on. They are skinned, their hides tanned to make high end merchandise like the interiors of luxury cars, handbags, shoes etc.

          One thing racing around the world has in common is sending horses to slaughter.

          You probably already know all this. I am writing this for those who do not.

          Thanks again.


          1. Yes, we have a thriving export market here in Australia that caters to the ‘horse meat for human consumption’ trade. No live export though, it’s all processed here in Australia.

            Without the markets that our two export abbatoirs and our domestic trade knackeries supply, Australia’s equine welfare crisis, caused by an excess of unwanted equines, would reach epic proportions. Ex-racehorses make up only a small percentage of the equines who find themselves in this position and many of them have not come directly from the track, but have passed through various private owners prior to finding themselves at an abbatoir or knackery.

            We have a need for horse slaughter establishments in Australia, a need created by the entire equine-owning community, not just by our racing industry. Sadly, I don’t see this need diminishing anytime soon.


            1. Hmmm. Horse slaughter is evil. No doubt about that. But I say it is not a necessary evil.

              What if people stopped eating horse meat and the knackeries went out of business? What would these sorts of people do then? There is enough cruelty in the world without aiding and abetting, or supporting, this type of gauche brutality.

              The racing industry makes enough from betting to take care of racehorses when they can no longer race and it would only take a miniscule percentage of their takings. They simply won’t do it.


            2. “The racing industry makes enough from betting to take care of racehorses when they can no longer race and it would only take a miniscule percentage of their takings.”

              I don’t know VGrF.. how many 1000’s of TBs are retired from racing annually? Given that the vast majority are very young when they finish racing and that they can be expected to live up to another 30 yrs, just how long could a retirement plan maintained by the racing authorities be sustainable?

              Even if it was viable to maintain a property upon which many thousands of ex-racehorses could live out their days, the horse slaughter industry doesn’t exist purely for ex-racehorses. Taking the racehorses out of the equation would not be an end to the slaughter industry.

              In certain parts of the world, people are not going to “stop eating horse meat”. In some cultures, doing so is as deeply entrenched as it is in our culture to eat cows and sheep.


            3. Yes , and the Horse Meat thats sold for Human food ! also has all the Drugs they give them to stay alive for the Next race ! so whats does it do to Us ? who knows ? Scary !


            4. They couldn’t just humanely put them down? They have to torture and scare the hell out of them and then shoot them???


    1. Whats even worse , Is The Horse is still full of Drugs in its system ! so its hull off to slaughter house , to be turned into what ? cat & dog food ? So stupid how we justify our motives of racing Horses for Fun ? Or is just for the Money ! It use to be Fun ! Now Its Cruelty for The Wager of the Money it can bring in ! till the Next Horse wins ! Its a Cruel way to have Fun ! who really cares about the Horse that races ! as long as it bring in some Money !

      and these are so young 1& 2 yr olds !
      So if we are going to Race these Horses ! at least race them in the Evening when its cooler in the evening ! Not in The Middle of the Day heat ! Or then at least Change the Season when the Race like in Feb or March ! Reason is Our Climate is Changing is because our World is Warming at a extreme rate ! So don’t race the Horses in the middle of Day in Extreme Heat ! All your trainers are telling you its not Safe , So Listen to them !


  3. The horse racing industry is a cruelty circus, and death camp.
    This antiquated business model’s operating procedures are: whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
    About 90% of thoroughbreds specifically bred for horse racing are set-up for failure, and fail they do.
    If they are lucky enough to make it off the track then the failure continues from neglectful situations to kill auctions, to the slaughterhouse.
    This multibillion dollar industry does little or nothing for the plight of these racehorses while bragging about how they “love” their horses.
    The video was difficult to watch, but a necessary evil in order to educate people on the real and dirty world of horse racing.
    My sincere sadness goes out to the horse in this video – you poor darling.
    I never thought people could be so cruel, but it seems to run rampant in this despicable industry both on and off the track with the racehorses paying with their lives.

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  4. Like Jo Anne, I couldn’t watch it again. This horse was called Nature’s Child who had done well in racing and this is what they did to her UTTERLY UNFORGIVABLE and she is just one of thousands of racehorses that suffer this inhumane ending. These horses are innocent noble living creatures and today’s society can no longer tolerate such atrocities. Horseracing has lost its social licence.

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  5. Truthfully I didn’t watch the video because I have seen such horrific injuries and breakdowns having been a former racing owner and breeder that left racing to found CANTER and was on the backstretch removing horses right from their stalls so they would not go to the ON-TRACK kill buyers (usually also licensed racing trainers).

    I saw a young filly break off both front legs at the knees during morning training struggling to rise on the nubs of her knees. Of course, training deaths are not reported and at the Michigan tracks, even racing deaths are not routinely reported as is the case at many tracks.

    Racing is very adept at hiding their dead. Even the Jockey Club Injury Database here that brags about its success at tracking deaths and the reduction in same and the racing industry claiming to be “transparent” are anything but transparent!!

    The Jockey Club Injury Database refuses to identify the NAMES of the horses that they list that die immediately after racing so we cannot add to that number with all the names of horses we know died from Freedom of Information Act Requests, tracks that do not participate in their database, horses not counted by them because they were euthanized days after the race when the drugs wore off, horses in training either at the track or at off track training facilities, young horses who die during the expensive auctions where they are forced to run faster than they ever will in their lives, nor do they count the horses that limp into rescues and the rescues’ veterinarians recommend that they be euthanized due to their racing injuries nor do they count 15,000 racehorses that go to slaughter each year who are JUST as dead because they raced.

    I do thank you most heartily for keeping this corrupt business of using live animals as gambling tools that are treated as disposable as a deck of cards or dice at a casino.

    Please continue to inform as horses are dying daily for this gambling “entertainment”.

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    1. We are working the numbers up for Del Mar with what’s available. They killed a horse the first day of the meet, as Patrick Buttuello reported. We will be posting on that today sometime or tomorrow.

      So much death and destruction to keep up with. We cover a very small percentage of it. Even if we could report it all who would have time to read it it’s that widespread.

      What a cruel world for animals this planet is for oh so many of these innocents.

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