AQHA to name and shame abusers

The News of the Horses reports:

Amarillo, TX – (July 14, 2016) The American Quarter Horse Association has strengthened its Name and Shame policy for members who abuse their horses, the association announced. The AQHA will continue to post press releases on their website of horse abuse and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Caslon Quote Left BlackEnsuring the humane treatment of the American Quarter Horse remains a priority for the 2016-17 AQHA Executive Committee,” said Craig Huffhines, AQHA executive vice president. “It is the responsibility of the Association to educate members and non-members on this issue while continuing to review and improve current AQHA rules regarding animal welfare to assure that we continue to put our horse first.”

The updated AQHA policy includes outlawing belly bands at shows, which are used to hide spur marks, and outlawing the dying of the hair to hide abuse. The use of a belly band at an AQHA show is an automatic level 1 offense, which gives the owner a recorded warning, unless the band is hiding abuse, which would elevate the offense.

The social media response to the new rules is mixed, but generally negative.

Caslon Quote Left BlackPR only. The AQHA is very much a pro horse slaughter group. They have not nor will they care about any horses welfare,” wrote Brian.

“What about the AQHA’s support of the horribly inhumane treatment of over 130,000 horses a year who are tortured in slaughter houses for meat for human consumption? An estimated 70% of those horses are young, healthy Quarter Horses who did not make the cut as sport horses for the track, and they are sold into slaughter to suffer the most horrendous cut of all–with a machete-like knife to their spines, over and over until paralyzed, and then many are slaughtered alive. Not very ‘humane treatment of the American Quarter Horse’ in my opinion,” writes Tracey Stevens.
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